Cottonera Aquatic give their reasons behind their late start

Sunday, August 7, 2011, 8:43

During an extraordinary meeting carried out a few days ago in Senglea Nursery’s club, Cottonera Aquatic’s committee explained the reasons behind the delay of the swimming and Waterpolo training sessions that had to commence in the beginning of the Summer Season.  Cottonera Aquatic, a newly-established team, aimed to promote the Waterpolo game in the Cottonera region and which was inaugurated last year, are still waiting for their training sessions to begin.

Cottonera Aquatic’s aim was that to start their training sessions last June, so in the coming Waterpolo seasons, Cottonera Aquatic could start competing in the national league, and have a competitive team just like Senglea back in the past, had.

Cottonera Aquatic’s President, Stephen Spiteri, together with his committee, to ensure that Cottonera Aquatic would kick-start their training season on time, initiated the necessary preparations back in the Winter Season, and worked hard to engage professional coaches in order for this team to grow.  Unfortunately, their aim couldn’t be accomplished due to impediments beyond their control and the training, which was supposed to start in the past weeks is still lingering.

Hitches started back in October 2010, when Senglea Nursery, Cottonera Aquatic’s founders, applied for “Sports Initiatives Scheme 2011”.  One has to apply for this scheme through the Local Council, and Cottonera Aquatic wanted to apply for professional coaches for all children wishing to start their training sessions with this club.  This scheme involves the Local Councils and KMS, in which the expenses involved are divided between the two, thus offering a sponsorship towards this initiative.  Senglea Nursery, applied for this scheme since it knew that engaging Senglea’s children in such an activity would drastically reduce the number of children swimming unattended and at a risk in Senglea’s Waterfront.

Unfortunately, after Senglea’s Local Council discussed this application, this was rejected, on the basis that ‘Cottonera Aquatic’ involves all children of the Cottonera region and not only Senglea ones, and thus, they would be paying for a coach who will be training children who aren’t from Senglea.

So, Senglea Nursery’s committee, wrote to the Local Council, explaining that the vast majority of children will be from Senglea, and having children which aren’t from Senglea, won’t surely increment the salary of the coach.  Senglea Nursery, deplored the argumentations the Local Council was putting forward, as this was an excellent opportunity for all those children who wanted to practice this sport and the Local Council  forlorn this opportunity.

Cottonera Aquatic continued persisting and wrote to the KMS, for these to sponsor them with a coach, and their answer was that this could only be done through the ‘Sports Initiatives Scheme 2011’, which unfortunately now was closed.

In February, Senglea Nursery met Mr.Joe Caruana Curran, President of the ASA.  He promised his utmost support towards Cottonera Aquatic and assured ASA would carry out the necessary arrangements for Cottonera Aquatic to be sponsored with a professional coach.

Following this ‘fruitful’ conversation, Senglea Nursery phoned various times Caruana Curran, in order to make the necessary preparations for the upcoming season.  All this was in vain, since Senglea Nursery never managed to make contact with Caruana Curran again, until last June, when the Waterpolo season was already underway.  Here again, Caruana Curran promised us that it wouldn’t be a problem to find a coach and that this would help to promote the Waterpolo game in the Cottonera region.

Senglea Nursery and Cottonera Aquatic’s president, Stephen Spiteri, stressed out that until the extraordinary meeting was being held, Caruana Curran, had made no contact with them to make these promises come to life.  Till this day, Cottonera Aquatic managed to obtain from ASA only a few tickets for the Waterpolo match, Malta-Turkey.

After the 7th July meeting, Cottonera Aquatic, continued insisting for help from the KMS and on the 8th July we received an answer stating that they will be sending Cottonera Aquatic a coach, once a week for an hourly session at 10am.  Even though we, cordially thanked them for such help, we pointed out that in the Summer months, training at this time of the day would prove to be more at a detriment to these children, rather than beneficial.

We thus suggested the KMS, that we would find a coach and ask them to sponsor us.  An answer about this, Cottonera Aquatic hasn’t yet received.

KMS tried to make the necessary arrangements with other coaches, for training sessions to start later during the day.  Till the day this report was handed to the media, the KMS promised us that as from the second week in August, it will try to provide us with a coach,for an hour, twice a week.

Unfortunately all this pleading has to be done by Senglea Nursery, since it doesn’t have a sponsor and thus engaging a coach out of its pocket, would be impossible.  The committee always strives towards providing a sponsor, but unfortunately, companies prefer to sponsor larger and more popular teams.

Yet, Senglea Nursery always tries to find a fair deal with the authorities since it doesn’t want to hinder the fun these children have when they are offered such activities and sports.  Therefore, its for these reasons, that Cottonera Aquatic’s committee is so disappointed that the ASA which is supposed to be there to help clubs, especially those trying to emerge in the local Waterpolo scene, is doing absolutely nothing to help this club.

During the extraordinary meeting, we heard the parents’ complaints, their worries and their distress, seeing that their children aren’t being given the same opportunities as those given to kids who aren’t from the Cottonera region.

We are yearning that this situation adjusts itself imminently, so that the Cottonera children are given the opportunity to learn and enjoy the Waterpolo game.

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