Coppa Italia won by Lazio to be exhibited in Malta

Friday, July 19, 2019, 8:15

COn Monday 29th July, Lazio Club Malta will be organizing a unique activity for all those followers of this club from Rome. In fact the Coppa Italia which was won by the  Biancocelesti last May, will be exhibited at a local restaurant in Sliema.

This initiative started when Lazio Club Malta president Edward Psaila contacted Ms Anna Rita Iacobini who is a personal friend of president Claudio Lotito. Eventually Iacobini requested the trophy to be exhibited even in Malta so that Lazio supporters could watch it personally. Lotito granted this permission and therefore the Coppa Italia will be in Malta in the coming days.

Two special guests are attending for this activity; team manager Maurizio Manzini and songwriter Toni Malco who himself wrote and composed the hymn Vola Lazio Vola.

Manzini was born on November 25th 1940 and he is 79 years old. He is the only one in his family who supports Lazio as all the other members fancy Roma who are the Biancocelesti’s bitter rivals in the so-called Derby della Capitale.

Manzini has been part of Lazio’s administration since 1988 although he has been helping the committee since 1971. His first love for this club started when he met some players who were lodging at a hotel where he used to work in Lugano. As he noticed that there were some famous players, he immediately went to talk with them and get an autograph as well.

Manzini made friends with the club’s general secretary Fernando Vona and therefore he used to help the club organize the away matches. Manzini used to take this task seriously and as time passed by, his good organisational skills were noticed.

Once the club’s vice-president Giorgio Calleri proposed him to become Lazio’s team manager. As he had a good job with the Civil Aviation Department, it wasn’t an easy decision. After thinking so much about the matter, he decided to refuse this offer. Despite all this, he still continued to give a helping hand to the club.

As season 1988/1989 started, Calleri made another proposal to Manzini. This time he couldn’t refuse this offer as he could notice that the organisation within the club improved considerably and he accepted this job.

During his tenure as the club’s team manager, Maurizio Manzini had the chance of working with players such as Pavel Nedved, Bobo Vieri, Simone Inzaghi, Alain Boksic and Giuseppe Signori. One could notice very well his dedication and love for the club. He was respected not only by the players but also from opponents, referees and various officials of this game. He has the ability to speak five languages.

In the meantime another guest for this activity will be songwriter and singer Toni Malco who in 1983 wrote the famous hymn Vola Lazio Vola. This song made an immediate hit and more than 800,000 copies were sold not only in Italy but also in other European countries.

This event will be held at Sciantusi Restaurant, Italian Food Lovers, Milner Street, Sliema. This outlet is situated behind PrelunaHotel. The Italian cup will be exhibited from 8pm onwards.

Lazio Club Malta would like to thank Grand Hotel Excelsior for their hosiptality and also club president Claudio Lotito, Arturo Diaconale, Stefano de Martino, Igli Tare, Maurizio Manzini, Antonio Calveri and Anna Rita Iacobini as they managed to make all local Lazio supporters’ dream come true.

Finally, all Lazio supporters who wish to attend for this activity can like the official Facebook group Lazio Club Malta and send a private message to the same group. Also they can contact club president Edward Psaila on mobile number 77498873.









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