Continental Cup appointment for International Sitting Volleyball referee

Thursday, July 7, 2011, 10:25

Local Sitting Volleyball referee Nello Calleja has been appointed by the European Committee Volleyball for Disabled (E.C.V.D.) as one of the international referees for the Continental Cup which is going to be held in Kettering, U.K., between the 11th and 16th July 2011.

Mr. Calleja will be one of a team of eleven European international referees who will be officiating during this competition, which will be held at the National Volleyball Centre that Volleyball England has in Kettering.  This Continental Cup will also serve as a pre-Olympic and Paralympic games event, slightly more than one year away from the actual games which will be hosted by London in 2012.

Eleven national teams from around the world will be divided into two groups, with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Kazakhstan and Ukraine in Group A, whilst Azerbaijan, Egypt, China, Russia and the United States will form Group B.   Following a round robin tournament within each group, the first four teams will move on to the quarter finals, with the winners moving on to the semi finals and the eventual final.

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