Comfortable wins for Sliema McDonalds and Neptunes Emirates

Friday, June 8, 2012, 12:08

by Gerald Fenech

Sliema McDonalds 11 Exiles SC 4

(3-2), (2-0), (4-2), (1-0)

Sliema McDonalds did not have to break much sweat to overcome the challenge of Exiles Ferretti winning 11-4. Sliema introduced their new foreign player Salamon Ferenc but were otherwise practically unchanged from their Winter League triumph.

Sliema shaded the first session 3-2 while in the second they also prevailed by two goals to nil to set up a three goal margin at the interval. The goals came courtesy of Meli, Privitera, Paolella and Ferenc with Exiles replying through Borg and Pace Lupi.

The third session saw Sliema continue to extend their lead winning 4-2 with Ferenc once again a protagonist. The final session was a quiet affair with just one goal in it for Sliema for a final score of 11-4 in their favour.

Sliema McDonalds: I Gergely, J Gabarretta, N Lubrano (1), P Privitera (1), M Meli (2), J Soler (3), D Paolella (1), J Brownrigg, C Debono, S Ferenc (3), M Rizzo, M Spiteri Staines, R Coleiro

Exiles Ferretti: A Borg Cole, J Rizzo Naudi, K Rizzo Naudi, D Pace Lupi (1), T Sullivan, S Vassallo, J Spiteri Staines (1), K Griscti, S Galea Pace, P Borg (1), A Kunac, M Toth, K Lanzon (1)

Referees: M Angileri, M Dalli

Marsascala MORE 7 Neptunes Emirates 18

(2-4), (1-4), (2-5), (2-6)

As expected, Neptunes Emirates had absolutely no problems to overcome Marsascala MORE prevailing without much effort by the score of 18 goals to 7.

The first two sessions went Neptunes’ way 2-4 and 1-4 with new foreigner Ciric, Steve Camilleri and Stellini on the scoresheet while Marsascala replied through Szolt, Kayes and Grixti. The third session was another one sided affair ending up 5-2 in Neptunes favour with Steve and Jordan Camilleri adding to their tally.

The final session was also one sided in favour of Neptunes ending 2-6 for a final score of 7-18.

Marsascala MORE: K Schembri, K Navarro, M Pace, B Muscat, J Kayes (2), L Grixti (1), J Licari (1), J Cremona, S Micallef (1), R Scerri, D Cassar, M Fenech, J Szolt (2)

Neptunes Emirates: R Sciortino, N Lanzon (1), E Aquilina (2), M Stellini (3), B Lanzon, A Ciric (2), S Camilleri (6), J Camilleri (3), G Pace (1), S Gravina (1), R Sciortino, T Molnar, C Mercieca

Referees: M Angileri, P Giordano

Otters Nivea 18 Ta’ Xbiex Amigos 10

(5-2), (3-4), (5-3), (5-1)

Otters Nivea scored their first impressive victory of the season against bottom ranked Ta’ Xbiex Amigos by the score of 18-10 in a one sided encounter. Otters had foreigners Radocz, Balatoni Martin while Ta’ Xbiex paraded the Hungarian duo of Botond Szabo and Yuri Szeles.

Otters Nivea started well and raced to a 5-2 lead in the first session largely through Paris and Radocz but Ta’ Xbiex managed to shade the second session 3-4 with Szeles and Botond scoring regularly.

Otters regained the supremacy in the third session winning the session 5-3 with Paris, Radocz and Balatoni scoring for the Gozitan side while Ta’ Xbiex replied through Szeles. The final session was also a formality with Otters winning 5-1 for a final score of 18-10 with Balatoni and Radocz again prominent.

Otters Nivea: A Cachia, G Attard (3), GL Zammit, Z Radocz (6), S Dimech, M Balatoni (5), J Paris (4), D Schembri, K Scicluna, K Debattista, C Martin, E Farrugia, K Grima Scott

Ta’ Xbiex Amigos: L Borg, A Galea, S Botond (3), J Tabone, K Falzon, M Asciak, A Bugeja, J Cremona, N BonelloGhio (2), C Bugeja, K Galea (2), O Zammit, Y Szeles (3)

Referees: A DeRaffaele, S Licari

Sirens Ritter Sport 13 Valletta Sterling 8

(4-2), (5-2), (2-1), (2-3)

As expected in the second game of the afternoon Sirens Ritter Sport had no real difficulty in beating Valletta Sterling 13-8, in an encounter which was practically decided in the first two sessions.

The first two sessions saw Sirens gain the ascendancy winning the first 4-2 and the second 5-2. The Hungarian duo of Arpad and Kiss helped themselves to the majority of the goals while Valletta came back through Hyzler and Zoltan.

The third session was more subdued with Sirens shading it 2-1 as the St Paul’s Bay team started going down the gears. The final session saw Valletta win 3-2 to end the game on a high with Timmy Agius scoring no less than three times although Dino Zammit also helped himself to four goals for a final score of 13-8.

Sirens Ritter Sport: A Grech, A Attard, A Sammut (1), P Micallef, B Arpad (2), C Kiss (2), J Borg, D Cutajar (2), A Zarb Cousin (1), C Zammit, C SpiteriDebarro (1), D Zammit (4), N Grixti

Valletta Sterling: A Sammut, S Meli, K Hyzler (1), A Galea, T Agius (4), S Cachia, M Cordina, J K Farrugia, R Kovacs, D Zoltan (3), A Arrigo, E Arrigo, R Calleja

Referees: R Spiteri, M Dalli







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