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Sunday, March 14, 2010, 22:43

The Aquatic Sports Association of Malta has for some time felt the need to strengthen the coaching sector in swimming and water polo, especially where children under the age of sixteen are involved. The opportunity to hold these courses came after the ASA administrative secretary Ms Isabelle Zarb was offered a course in America by the Maltese Olympic Committee and the Olympic Solidarity on coaching and how to organize courses in coaching.

The ASA has now introduced basic courses in swimming and water polo coaching leading to the ASA Coaching License. The ASA Coaching License shall be issued to those participants who pass the exam at the end of the course, and also have a valid certificate in First Aid or Life Saving. The ASA also plans to organize bi-annual seminars in order that both experienced and new coaches are kept adjourned with new methods of coaching, rules and technology.

The first in the series of these Coaching Course started on 16 January 2010 and was attended by a good number of experienced and new coaches.

The participants shall be assessed by specialized ASA personnel and also a foreign tutor who will be coming specifically to Malta as part of the course that Ms Zarb did in America. Ms Zarb also met with the tutor when she was in the UK attending the Level 3 coaching course in swimming organized by the ASA (UK).

In the case of water polo, a seminar shall close the course. The seminar shall address various aspects of water polo coaching in particular coaching of age groups. The first of such seminars shall be conducted by Sandro Campagna, the Italian National Water Polo Coach and Chev Gianni Lonzi, the Chairman of the Technical Water Polo Committee of FINA.

All coaches, whether prospective or experienced, must be in possession of a valid First Aid/Life Saving certificate. Individuals who are not in possession of such a certificate may attend, at a charge, First Aid Courses that are being organized by the ASA in collaboration with the Red Cross Society.

ASA Executive have always been of the opinion that coaching should not be taken lightly especially in those sectors where children are involved. Individuals active in the coaching sector must constantly keep abreast of new teaching methods and must follow refresher courses frequently.

The ASA shall not permit any individuals to coach swimming or water polo if they are not holders of a valid ASA Coaching License and these same individuals will also not be allowed to enroll swimmers in competitions organized by the ASA.

The second course in the series will start on Saturday 3rd April 2010.

The ASA would like to thank the Maltese Olympic Committee and the Olympic Solidarity for all the help especially for financing Ms Isabelle Zarb to continue in her coaching studies. Thanks also go to the Institute for PE and Sport for all their valuable assistance.

For more information please contact the ASA on 21 322884 or send an email to

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