Clive Farrugia wins MSG Trophy

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 19:56

Gavin Muscat

Clive Farrugia won the MSG Trophy at the Bidnija Shooting Ranges on Sunday 24 July 2016, beating Noel Scicluna in the Gold Medal Match, 13/16 to 12/16. In the semi-final, both Farrugia and Scicluna hit 15/16 targets.

Bozhidar Dimitrov finished in third place overall as he defeated Darren Vella in the Bronze Medal Match with the score of 15/16 to 13/16. In the semi-final, both Dimitrov and Vella finished with the equal score of 14/16.

The two other shooters, who did not make it through to the Medal Matches after the semi-final stages, were Jason Sciberras and Joe Muscat, who finished in fifth and sixth place, with the scores of 13/16 each.

Two perfect straights by Clive Farrugia and Bozhidar Dimitrov were registered in this Sunday’s event.

The top three shooters in their respective classes concluded their two qualification rounds with;

Class A

Bozhidar Dimitrov 48/50

Clive Farrugia 48/50

Darren Vella 45/50

Class B

Jason Sciberras 48/50

Noel Scicluna 42/50

Kevin Bugeja 37/50

The MSSF Shotgun Skeet Programme will continue on Sunday, 8 August 2016 at the Bidnija Shooting Ranges with the 7-Up Cup.

Clive Farrugia during the awards ceremony

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