Cleaven Cutajar shines at weightlifting trials

Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 17:45

The Malta Weightlifting Association has just organized its fourth competition for this year at the Cottonera Sports Complex.

Cleaven Cutajar

This competition served as a trial for future international competitions, as well as for welcoming in the weightlifting family two young promising members. These are Melvin Cutajar, who at the age 15years lifted a total of 85kg and Rudy Grech, 18 years old, who lifted a total of 97kg. Cleavan Cutajar is continuing to improve his lifts, and he hoisted a total of 120kg

Stephen Borg scored 225 points thus starting to make his way back up in the overall rankings and showing considerable recovery following some injuries which occurred outside of the weightlifting scene.

Overall Clint Grech finished third with 259 points. He was very close to lift a personal best in the clean and jerk with 117kg, but unluckily the bar came a bit too forward, thus Clint couldn’t control the bar for the lift to be deemed successful. The same occurred to Emanuel Schembri with a lift of 158kg clean and jerk. If he lifted that weight overhead, he would have lifted the qualifying total necessary to qualify for the Commonwealth Games. Nonetheless, Schembri placed second with 264 points. Veteran lifter, Noel Coleiro came in first place with an impressive 274 points.

Next month a number of Maltese weightlifters will be taking part in a training camp in Rome. This will be done as a preparation for three international competitions being the Email Tournament which is organized by the Oceania Weightlifting Association, the European Union Tournament and the Games of the Small States of Europe, where the latter two will be organized by Cyprus.

The competition was run smoothly by Jesmond Caruana with the help of Mark Pirotta, Kristian Mintoff, Emanuel Camilleri, Rita Caruana and Madline Coleiro.

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