Cisk Lager Doubles League: Volkswagen up! living up to their name

Friday, June 8, 2012, 16:04

The inaugural Cisk Lager Doubles League has already progressed through five weeks of fixtures, from a total of 23. The quick doubles pace and high-scores being registered week in-week out, are making for some very exciting matches down on the SuperBowl lanes each Tuesday evening.

Top of the team standings at this stage is Volkswagen up!, which comprises top tier bowlers Mauro Anastasi, Neil Sullivan and Simon Burke. The leaders have in fact won all five of their matches to date, only dropping four points in the process for a tally of 36 from a possible 40.

Having taken a 6 – 2 week one victory, they then took all eight from their week two clash with Master Cellars, and it was full points again in week three, against DUWPA. Both losing sides in these encounters certainly have what it takes to challenge for the title at season’s end, making Volkswagen up!’s crushing victories all the sweeter.

Week four provided a third consecutive full point victory for Anastasi and Sullivan, against veteran outfit, the Warriors, and then week five saw them take a 6 – 2 victory against Alley Catz.

Peugeot 208 are in second place on 34 points, a team made up of Mark Muscat, Justin Caruana Scicluna and Sue Abela, while DUWPA (Kenneth Arpa, Dennis Mercieca) are in third place on 24.

Cisk Lager Doubles League: Week Five Standings:

Volkswagen up! – 36, Peugeot 208 – 34, DUWPA – 24, Master Cellars – 22, Ramis – 21, C-M-T – 20, Clan – 20, Alley Catz – 18, Warriors – 17, Rogantino’s Restaurant – 14, Bazooka & Pistol – 6

Week 6 Fixtures (Tuesday 12.06.12, 20:00hrs):

Bazooka & Pistol               vs            Warriors
Volkswagen up!                vs            Rogantino’s Restaurant
Clan                                       vs            Alley Catz
Bye Team                            vs            C-M-T
Peugeot 208                       vs           DUWPA
Master Cellars                   vs            Ramis

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