Cisk Lager Doubles League: Title to be decided in final week thriller

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 12:22

The inaugural Cisk Lager Doubles League has proved to be a huge sporting success and also very popular with tenpin bowlers of all ability levels. Played every Tuesday evening at the Eden SuperBowl, a total of 22 weekly fixtures have now been completed, leaving only one final ‘Position Round’ to be played this coming Tuesday, when the first ever Cisk Lager Doubles Champions will be finally known.

The previous 22 weeks formed the two full ‘round robin’ style league rounds, and with those now completed, week 23 will see the twelve competing teams face each other for one final match, according to their league positions at that point, hence the term ‘Position Round’, (1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, and so on). This can make for a thrilling league finale, and that will surely be the case on Tuesday when there are eight league points up for grabs from each match, as current leaders DUWPA (127 points) must face second placed Ramis, who are a mere three points behind on 124.

An epic three-game battle is in the offing, as DUWPA’s Kenneth Arpa and Dennis Mercieca, both individual bowlers of the highest caliber in their own right, will face an equally talented Ramis paring from a team roster comprising John Balani, Mark Spiteri and Ray Falzon Reale.

Peugeot 208 (Mark Muscat, Justin Caruana Scicluna and Sue Abela) are in third place, but can still feasibly nab second place should the table-top match result go in their favour, and if they can also manage to take all eight from early league leaders, and fourth placed team, Volkswagen up! (Mauro Anastasi and Neil Sullivan).

The Cisk Lager Doubles League is supported by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc. and boasts a cash prize fund totaling €4,000, which will be presented to the top four teams, once the Champions’ and Runners Up positions are confirmed, after Tuesday’s exciting final matches.

Cisk Lager Doubles League: Week 22 Standings:

DUWPA – 127, Ramis – 124, Peugeot 208 – 117, Volkswagen up! – 114, Alley Catz – 100, Master Cellars – 98, C-M-T – 89, Warriors – 73, Clan – 66, Rogantino’s – 64, Bazooka & Pistol – 48 (plus ‘bye team’)

Spectators are welcome to come down to the SuperBowl to enjoys the week 23 grand finale on Tuesday, with all matches commencing at 2000hrs.

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