Christina Grima Woman Player of the Month November 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 8:44

by Colin Schembri.


Paul Sultana presenting the award to Christina Grima

Paul Sultana presenting the award to Christina Grima

The You Shop We Ship Women player of the month for the month of November was won by Alyssa Ashley Loyola’s playmaker Christina Grima. For Grima this is the second time in her career that she won this honor. In November Loyola won the St. James Hospital Shield for their first success ever. Grima contributed to these results by scoring 35 points as she ended the women’s third best top scorer for the month of November. Christina Grima features an average of 3.00 steals per game and an average of 7.44 rebounds and 3.00 assists per game. She was presented this award by Mr. Paul Sultana President of the Malta Basketball Association.




  1. anna grima says:

    well done Christina PROSIT


  2. FORZA BLUES says:

    Prosit from the team in BLUE.


  3. louis mizzi says:

    PROSIT……..well deserved.


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