Chetcuti and Xuereb in ISSF World Cup

Saturday, September 22, 2012, 13:00
For the first time ever in the history of shooting sports in Malta, Both Maltese Double trap shooters William Chetcuti and Nathan Lee Xuereb have qualified for The ISSF World Cup Finals 2012 to be held at Maribor Slovania.
This is great news for shooting sports, considering that out of the best twelve double trap shooters in the world to qualify, two are Maltese. They both took part in The ISSF World Cup series 2012 where they gained the most points in USA World Cup where William placed second to win Silver and Nathan Lee placed 4th place overall.
William Chetcuti have qualified before in The ISSF World Cup Finals in 2005 in Dubai and in 2011 in Al Ain UAE.
At fifteen years old Nathan Lee Xuereb made history in the world of shooting sport for being the youngest ever shooter to enter a barrage finals in The ISSF World Cup USA 2012 and the youngest ever to qualify for The ISSF World Cup Finals 2012.
William Chetcuti and Nathan Lee Xuereb, together with their coach Jimmy Bugeja left Malta today for Maribor in Slovania where The Double trap event will be next Monday morning 24th September . This event will be on three rounds of 50 clays each, with the best six score to qualify for the barrage finals of another 25pairs.
The finals will be held on Monday afternoon.
 The twelve double trap shooters that qualified for this event are:
 Wilson Peter Robert Russel from Great Britain.
Dahlby Hakan from Sweden.
Mosin Vasily from Russia.
Sodhi Ronjan from India.
Richmond Joshua from USA.
Chetcuti William from Malta.
Leybo Mikhail from Russia.
Fokeev Vitaly from Russia.
D’Aniello Francesco from Italy.
Aldehani Fehaid from Kuwait.
Loeb Andreas from Germany.
Xuereb Nathan Lee from Malta.

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