Charlie Demanuele wins Horace Micallef Ent Ltd Trap Trophy

Thursday, February 17, 2011, 8:00

Charlie Demanuele was the overall winner of The Horace Micallef Ent Ltd Trap Trophy organized at The Southern Shooting Club in Hal-Far.
Charlie Demanuele placed first with 48+21=69
Stephen Vella placed second with 46+20=66
Jason J.Aquilina placed third with 44+20=64
Stanley Cardona placed fourth with 48+16=64
Frank Scorfna placed fifth with 43+19=62
Aldo Falzon placed sixth with 44+17=61
Class A 1st Stanley Cardona 48/50
             2nd Stephen Vella 46/50
             3rd Aldon Falzon 44/50

Class B 1st. Charlie Demanuele 48/50
             2nd Frank Scorfna 43/50
             3rd Mario Zammit 43/50

Class C 1st Maurice Cutajar 43/50
             2nd Kevin Bonnici 38/50
             3rd George Grech 37/50
This weekend at The Malta Shooting Sport Federation The Anthony Caruana Trap Selection will be organized on 125 clays, 75 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday with the best six to qualify for a barrage final of 25 clays.

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