Cassar, Scerri and Apap win Highest Places in ASMK Autocross

Friday, April 26, 2013, 20:13

The 12th Event of the ASMK-Pasta Poiatti National Autocross Championship was held on Sunday 21st April, 2013 from noon. 30 Competitors started their competition in groups of 5 cars abreast on the Start Line.


Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo won all the qualifying Heats on the day while in the Gozo Autocross class it was Domenic Zammit who won all the Heats too.


The Challengers on the Class A Start Line with Christian Mark Galea were Patrick Cassar and Joseph Martin both on Opel Corsa, Vince Farrugia on a VW Polo, Josef Abela and Andrew Pisani both on Opel Nova. The pressure was high especially among the Points Chart leaders Cassar and Galea who performed a perfect launch from the Start. Yet it was Cassar who managed to take the lead of the race and for quite a while he was closely followed by Galea. The leaders were followed by Pisani on a Nova and Farrugia on a VW Polo. Through the 9 laps all drivers displayed excellence in handling their fast cars on the hard dirt track surface which had smoothed down by the number of passes during the Heats. Spectators were watching each and every move especially of the two leaders Cassar and Galea who won highest points on the day. Pisani placed 3rd ahead of Farrugia.


Class B Finalists were Matthew Borg and Philip Joe Vella both on Opel Nova, Ryan Scerri on an Opel Corsa, Josef Grech and Duncan Delia both on Ford Fiesta and Guzi Pace on a Ford Escort Mk1. At the Start it was Ryan Scerri and Guzi Pace who battled for the lead yet Ryan placed ahead of Pace. It was a battle between a Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Drive vehicles. Grech and Borg were fighting to hold their place yet they soon started building pressure on Pace too. 4th placed Borg bet Grech after 3 fast Laps and now Pace was in his aim too. In the 5th Lap Borg made his attack on Pace who replied unsportingly which resulted in Borg was forced to retire and Pace being Warned for his deed and lost points too. Now Pace who was still in 2nd place started having pressure from Grech who managed to overtake Pace’s Escort right before the Race Finish Line. Scerri led the race from Start to Finish followed by Grech and Pace resp.


Gozo Autocross Heats winner Zammit failed to take the lead for Apap in the Final Race start. Apap and Matthew Saliba were both on a Ford Escort, Joseph Gauci and Zammit were on an Alfa Sud and Joseph Vella on a Fiesta. Gauci and Saliba were battling for 3rd place and after a complete Lap Saliba placed in front of Gauci. Apap and Zammit were in the aim of the Referee as both were battling for the lead. Zammit made several attacks on Apap but when Zammit later fouled Apap, he was Warned by the Referee for his action and Zammit lost 3 points. Zammit followed very close right to the Finish Line when Gauci also managed to beat Saliba in the last couple of meters to the Finish Line.


ASMK would like to inform all interested parties that next races are being held on Wednesday 1st May 2013. The Motocross races start at 10.00am while the Autocross starts at noon. More info from


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