Cassar and Scicluna Autocross Champions 2012/13

Thursday, June 20, 2013, 14:50

The last program of events of the ASMK-Pasta Poiatti National Autocross Championships was held last Saturday 15th June from 6.30pm till late. Most of the races were run under artificial lights. Spontanous MotoCross races were held in the form of Fun Races too.

 A brief look into the day’s event where all fans where eager to see who is going to be crowned Champion. All drew their attention on Patrick Cassar on his Opel Corsa and Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo. Cassar arrived to the tracks with a single point ahead of Galea who did not turn up for his final race to the disappointment of many of his fans.

 Cassar won his place on the Start Line of the day’s Final A class. Other drivers in this class were Godwin Martin (Opel Corsa), Vince Farrugia (VW Polo), Melo Zammit (Escort Mk4) Andrew Pisani (Opel Nova) and Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta. From the start Cassar took the race lead and Andrew Cassar followed. Both displayed excellent fast sporty driving on the soft track surface while most spectators followed each and every move from both.

Grech and Zammit followed and just alter a lap Zammit passed Grech’s Fiesta who was also being pressed by Farrugia’s Polo. Soon Zammit retired from the race due to mechanical problems. Farrugia continued to add pressure on Grech as Farrugia needed points to win 3rd overall in the Class A championship. Yet Cassar won the race and the Class A championship with 10 points advantage while Pisani, Grech and Farrugia are placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Class on the day.

 The Finalists for the Class B Championship were Ryan Scerri, Malcom Borg and Mario Scicluna all on Opel Corsa cars, Duncan Delia on a Ford Fiesta, Guzi Pace on a  Ford Escort and Chris Formosa on a Ford Fiesta. From the start Scerri and Borg took the lead and races at a quick pace ahead of all the rest. Pace and Scicluna were battling for 3rd place ahead of Delia and Formosa. During the 4th Lap Scicluna took the lead over Pace thus securing the necessary points to win this Class B Championship. The race continued with all drivers in this position to the Finish Flag with Scerri, Borg and Scicluna winning the day’s top three places in this class.

 The Gozo Autocross races included cars driven by both petrol and diesel engines. In the Diesel class Richard Axiaq on an Opel astra won over his mate Joseph Agius on a BMW.

The Race Final for the Petrol Class was won by Christian Apap on hios Ford Escort. 2nd place was won by Domenic Zammit on his Alfa Sud.

 The Motocross class which was spontanously organised took the form of a Fun Race. Brandon Cassar on his Yamaha won this race ahead of Brandon Slowe on his Honda. Shaun Said placed 3rd on his Kawasaki.

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