Update 1 with Video “Case is closed for MFA – Darmanin Demajo. €200K in bets were placed on internet

Monday, August 20, 2012, 15:26

by Sandro Micallef

Watch part of the press conference here

According to Norman Darmanin Demajo the issue around the fixed match Norway v Malta is now closed. This was stated by the MFA President during a lengthy press conference held earlier today at the MFA Centenary Hall.

Asked by this site if he was personally satisfied or upset with the 10 year ban sentence  imposed by UEFA to Kevin Sammut, the MFA boss did not want to take sides as he stated he does not feel like to make a personal statement on the decision, however he said that the MFA shall respect such decision.

During the Press Conference it was confirmed that the MFA paid the flights for Sammut to travel to Switzerland to go and defend himself on the basis that the player had asked for financial assistance personally to NDD in his office during a meeting in which the player’s father was also present. Wellam and Scicluna did not ask for such help.

When asked if the MFA will put some pressure on the Police to investigate this case, Darmanin Demajo said that he thinks the police will continue to work on this case. Dr. Chris Bonnet who was also on the panel pointed out that the police had already started the investigations way back and underlined the fact that they are independent investigations from the ones of the MFA.

When asked if he feels that this was a lenient sentence imposed on Sammut when compared to an MFA’s sentence in 2009 imposed on Claude Mattocks were he was banned the same amount of years despite the contrast in the amounts of money and level involved, Darmanin Demajo said that the MFA statute has its own rules and UEFA have similar but different rules and suggestions for such cases of corruption. He said that personally he does not see the issue to be fair on the player.

Betting started with €50,000 and went up to €200,000

Asked by this site further detail on the case NDD said that both himself and the MFA have no further detail apart from what has been written in the 600 page dossier which was handed to UEFA. He later revealed that no less than €200,000 in bets were placed for this game. Close sources over the past months that spoke with this site explained that the initial bet was circa €50,000 but then was topped up during the course of the match as a safe back up not to risk to lose all the money at stake.

The MFA President who looked much more prepared this time round than the last press conference on the same case also explained journalists that the appeal for Sammut would just cost €1,000 and not as previously reported by One News and also by this site.

During the Press Conference NDD repeated more than once that he still believes that there is overwhelming g evidence that the game was fixed but pressed by journalist Kurt Sansone to speak more in detail the MFA head refused to get into more “unnecessary details” as explained by him. “The game was fixed and it is not a question of who played or how much a player or mare players played in minutes, it’s just a matter that the game was fixed” he added.

Present was this Press Conference were also Scicluna’s and Wellman’s lawyers identified as Dr. Zammit Lowell (Scicluna) and Dr.Keith Borg (Wellman). The former was stopped quite rightly from speaking from the journalists seats by the MFA’s lawyer Dr. Chris Bonnet. “The Press Conference is intended for journalists, if you have any questions please email them” Bonnet remarked.

Gilbert Agius was wrongly implicated

The Press Conference has finally shed light also on the mistaken identity players whereby it was revealed that originally Gilbert Agius was though to have been the link with Mario Cryvtak and Ante Sapina due to the fact that in their Bochum witness they mentioned a player wearing number 10 and when the police made a quick search they found a old line up of the Malta National team in which Agius had played with the number 10. It was later confirmed that the No 10 jersey was worn by Sammut in the 2007 Norway v Malta match.


  1. Bugeja says:

    @ Victor Micallef x int fidil………………… u fuq il kliem biss jistaw iwehluh kieku!!!!! mela mil mobile, Cameras, biljetti ta vjaggar, u hafna afarjiet ohra zgur li kellhom iktar evidenza…………


    Victor Micallef Reply:

    @Bugeja. Tista tispjegali kif taf li kien hemm cameras, biljetta ta vjaggar u HAFNA affarijiet ohra. Li kieku kien hemm HAFNA affarijiet ohra l-verdet ma kienx idum daqshekk. Forsi jien fidil, ma jimpurtax, izda billi int bravu spjegalna l-HAFNA affarijiet l-ohra xkienu?


  2. Markus says:

    Crvtak kixef ghax hu wehel u li kieku ma nqabadx hu qatt ma konna nkunu nafu li dawn il-plejers mejtin bil-guh. Dan monument missna naghmlulu strada rjali u mhux niddubitaw. Bhal kollox dawn l-affarijiet jinkixfu jekk iparla xi hadd u f’dan il-kaz tkellem minn xtrahom. Hallelin u vili. 


  3. Victor Micallef says:

    So taking Mario Cryvtak and Ante Sapina (zewg qaddisin u vergni) words that it was number 10 Kevin got convicted. So Cryvtak and Ante Sapina xtraw player or players without even knowing who they were or what there names were. The more Cryvtak and Sapina lie and invent games and numbers of players without knowing their names the less time they do in prison. How many others players were suspended by Uefa based on the evidence of Cryvtak and Sapina?


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