Caruana Scicluna clinches late victory – Sue Abela wins ahead of Melissa Swift

Friday, July 27, 2012, 0:57


The 1st World Singles Championships is being organized by The Cyprus Bowling Federation, and will be held at the Galactica bowling centre in Limassol, between the 18th and 26th of September. A national qualifying tournament has been held at the Eden SuperBowl, St. Julian’s, and was won by, mother and son, Sue Abela and Justin Caruana Scicluna in the respective female and male categories.


The qualification format of the simple pinfall total, after 24 games played over three sessions, remains the preferred option in such tournaments. It was a challenging three-day event, played between Saturday afternoon and Monday evening, to test individual stamina as well as bowling skill.


Men’s Division: Caruana Scicluna clinches late victory


Eventual Men’s winner, Justin Caruana Scicluna was always in amongst the action from the opening games, however it was Rankin Camilleri who led the typically competitive male division after the first eight game session. His consistent 1664 total (208 ave) put him just 25 pins ahead of Justin, who lay second on 1639 (204.8 ave). Neil Sullivan was a close third on 1628, with Mauro Anastasi fouth with 1605 pins.


Day two saw a slight drop in the scoring pace, but no change in the status quo as Camilleri held on to the top spot on 3249 (203 ave), above Caruana Scicluna, whose high games of 234, 230 and 238 bolstered his interim tally to 3237 (202.3), just twelve away from the top spot. Neil Sullivan stayed third on 3173, with Anastasi now on 3140.


It was all still to play for in the third and final session, and while Camilleri again showed great bowling consistency (1607 over eight), finishing on 4856 overall (202.3 ave). However, he was forced to settle for second place, as Justin Caruana Scicluna clinched victory late in the day with a 1659 set, including highs of 254, 235 and 258 for a winning total of 4896 (204 ave). (Neil Sullivan, 4777. Mauro Anastasi, 4691).


Ladies’ Division: Sue Abela wins ahead of Swift, Carannante


This qualifying victory may not go down as one of Sue Abela’s best, as she suffered a number of uncharacteristic low games over the weekend, but still the near-perpetual National Champion topped the ladies competition from the early stages. Sue finished day one on 1552 (194 ave), while Tiziana Carannante lay second on 1498 (187.2) ahead of Joanna Attard in third on 1425, and Melissa Swift back in fourth place, with 1368 pins.


Abela held on to the top spot during day two’s eight games, in spite of two low ones during the back four (148 – 150). Her 2975 tally (185.9 ave) after sixteen games kept her a reachable 73 ahead of Carannante (2902, 181.3), and Melissa Swift in third on 2857. Joanna Attard dropped to fourth on 2791.


Sue Abela only had to keep her experienced head over day three’s eight game session, and in fact that would be her best and most consistent of the tournament. She shot a 1571, winning the event with 4546 pins (189.4 ave), ahead of up and coming Melissa Swift who improved to second place thanks to a good 1549 set (total 4406, 183.5 ave). Tiziana Carannante was left in third place with a 4272 tournament total (178 ave).


The inaugural World Singles Championships currently boast no fewer than 52 participating nations (source: , each of which will be fielding one male, and one female athlete, competing in two separate divisions. A series of qualifying squads will be bowled over the first four days of the Championships, followed by two days of final stages, competed between the top sixteen qualifiers from each division. That will be a Knock-Out event, and will eventually decide the first ever World Singles Champions, 2012

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