Carsten Egeholt to launch Table Tennis Academy Summer School

Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 10:20

Table Tennis Academy Malta has been organising full scale table tennis summer camps since 2002 without fail. This without a doubt has been one of the strongest aspects of training at the Academy. The TTAM has hosted coaches from Sweden, Poland, Spain, Ireland and brought over coaches from as far away as Australia. The program is a busy one as always with many players training two sessions a day. This year the TTAM is planning to bring over no one less than Danish coach – Carsten Egeholt and will be joining the academy on the 7th July.

Carsten Egeholt is probably the finest table tennis coach ever to come to Malta he is sparring trainer for Danish International star Mikael Maze. He is currently ranked as the number 13 in Denmark and Netherlands. Eggeholt is a former Danish Champion, where he has won the title several times and a European Champion for the men doubles veterans 40+ in 2007. His way of playing is attack near the table and counter attack. Eggeholt is a coach of a very professional mentality and a fighter in the sport. More details are available on his website where one can access his CV.

The summer school will run till the 29th September. A second coach will be coming over after Carsten Egeholt and new sessions are constantly starting for those who would like to start table tennis and move on to a more professional level. There will be sessions six days per week for all levels, starting from beginner’s level and going up to the more advanced 5 star. Carsten Egeholt was also an ex team mate with Malta Champion Mario Genovese and both trained together when Mario played with BTK 61 in Denmark.

This will be a great opportunity for all those interested in taking this sport seriously as they will have the chance to train on a professional basis with the assistance of two foreign coaches.
For further information regarding the summer school and to download the application form, one can log on to or call on 79591799

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