Carelessness at MVA offices

Friday, April 23, 2010, 16:00

by Sandro Micallef

The offices of the Malta Volleyball Association which are situated inside the KMS’s Cottonera Sport Complex are in a state of shame. Photos that have been emailed to which are being published along with this article show the carelessness and the state of the MVA offices and the Association’s Conference Room.

Persons who frequent the Cottonera Sports complex on a daily basis and preferred to remain anonymous, expressed their anger at the disorganization within the MVA premises. The persons that emailed us these photos wrote “It is a pity that the KMS does not keep an eye on the rooms it allocates to the local sports associations within its premises. Whilst some Associations are still with no or little space at all, associations like the MVA are lucky to benefit from room allocation which unfortunately they do not take care of” added our insiders.

In fact further investigations from confirmed that the MVA offices are really in a state of disgrace. The pictures below even show official MVA documentation just outside the President’s office which were easily accessible by the general public.

The Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport is urged to investigate the alleged matters which are documented and supported with relevant photos along with this article.


  1. Marvic Micallef says:

    Lol, dan l-artiklu illum qrajtu l-ewwel darba u qabadni d-dahq…. Hemmek kien fadal ftit inqas minn xaghar biex nippreparaw zewg tournaments Internazzjonali tal-volleyball ewropew u jerga 2 ritratti minn 5 huma barra l-ufficji ta l-MVA!! Il-maggor parti ta’ l-ufficji kienu qed jintuzaw ghal process ta’ korrispondenza u affarijiet hekk. Dik il-kaxxa bajda b’l-iswed tal-KMS u ghandu access ghalija kulhadd…. ha ha ha. Kemm ghaw min jaf idahhaq man!! Ahjar min ha dawn ir-ritratti waqt li kien hemm ippostja ftit fejn seta`!! Halluna nghixu!! And btw, dear Mr EX, I personally just wish that Cottonera never arrived!! Cause from that moment on we (Volleyball) just got a huge target on our back!!


  2. ex says:

    Keep up this disillusion MVA and you will lose the only major good thing that ever happened to Volleyball, which was the allocation of the Cottonera Sports Complex… maybe it would be back to the times of playing outdoors at Manoel Island, that would induce MVA officials to wake up —–


  3. Frans Gauci says:

    Din mhux haga illi il volleyball biss jaghmel. Sfortunatament il gvern ihalli certu affarijiet f’idejn l-association illi ma jimpurtahhomx minn dak li jkunu inghataw. Jien nemmen illi il gvern ghandu jimpjega iktar nies biex jiehdu hsieb il propjeta tieghu


  4. mark scicluna says:

    u mhux hekk l-aqwa li kulhadd intuh premises u kulhadd jigi jaqa u jqum !!


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