‘Car Demolition Derby’ in Aid of Istrina on the 23rd

Thursday, December 20, 2012, 0:10

On Sunday 23rd December ASM will be organising the 19th Edition of a Special Program organised to raise funds in aid of Malta Community Chest Fund – Istrina. This program is to include the ever popular ‘Car Demolition Derby’ which is scheduled to start at 3.30pm.

Yet, the Day’s Program which is full of car and motorcycle racing starts as early as 10.00am. This is to include Autocross Racing on a track which includes an ‘S’ shaped curve on the track layout. Class A Championship leader Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo together with Runner-Up Patrick Cassar on his Opel Corsa B together with Vince Farrugia on his VW Polo will be among the main Readers in the competitive laps. Class B Leader Mario Scicluna on his Opel Corsa followed by Guzi Pace on his Ford Escort and Malcom Borg on his Opel Corsa will be challenging the best drivers of the day for a Class A Starting Grid position.

Gozo top competitors Marvic Vassallo and Christian Apap both on Ford Escorts will be competing too. 3rd placed Joseph Vella on his Fiesta and 4th placed Marvin Grima on his Opel Corsa will be battling for high points on the ASM soil.

‘Open Class’ races will be organised for the Motocross riders including Vintage bike competitions mainly for retired motocross riders. The difference between old and later Motocross bikes will be clearly displayed by a visit to the Motocross paddocks too.

The Trials bikers will be performing in the central area right in front of the Main Spectator Stand. These riders will be riding over difficult man-made obstacles and gaining Zero points if they perform a ‘Clean Pass’.

A small number of Banger racers will be returning to participate during this special day’s events. They will be racing their Banger cars on the Autocross track for a change.

The Car Demolition Derby is scheduled to start at 3.30pm. Two Drivers meetings have already been held for the drivers by ASM re this popular game. 18 drivers have already registered for this Annual popular event. The cars will be scrutinised by ASM Officers on Saturday afternoon.  Though banging other fellow cars is the role of this game, ASM Officers will be controlling this event to ensure the safety standards where banging is to be performed according to strict rules. It’s imperative that the competitors hit other cars to bringing them to a halt yet they must ensure that their car is still mobile as the last car moving under its own power will be declared as the winner of this Game. The Winner and Runner-Up are presented with special trophies right on the track amidst the cheers from fellow helpers.

On this ‘Special Event’ day ASM invites distinctive persons. His Ecc. Dr. George Abela President of Malta, Prime Minister Onor. Dr Lawrence Gonzi, Opposition PL Leader Onor. Dr. Joseph Muscat, Parl. Sec. for Sport Onor. Clyde Puli MP and PL Speaker for Sport Onor. Chris Agius MP together with Onor. Dr. Jason Azzopardi Minister for Fair Competition and Consumers are invited to attend this meeting and exchange Christmas and Season’s greetings to ASM members and spectators on site.

Saturday afternoon is reserved for Practice sessions for all disciplines from 13.00 hours.

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