Can nurseries and schools work together ?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 12:14

by Gordy Attard

After watching the great reality called ‘Football’s Next Star’, I asked myself is that a Football Reality that really can change a youth player career? I guess it’s a big YES! The 10 selected player’s have been exposed on a big TV name SkY and I’m sure that if not all but half of them have earned them a trial or a deal with some Top U.K clubs.

In Malta, what is being done to promote our young talent? Is training with your local Nursery and playin

Can nurseries and schools work together ?

Can nurseries and schools work together ?

g a match once in a while enough? Is it time to change the way of the young footballer’s preparation in the club Nurseries? How about diet, tactics and the footballer’s way of life? Can we beat the amateurish stamp into a more professional one? Is it really and always the money problem to not stepping up to standards of our young kids?

What is being done out there in every day’s life? Many committed nursery coaches are dealing with certain situations that I believe can be changed. How about the local Nurseries make an agreement with local schools with a written follow of the kid’s school performance that marriages his training with the nursery. Can a Football Nursery & Schools work together?

Another option to be considered is that Local Football Nurseries should link up with foreign clubs to exchange football ideas, player’s trials exchange and more. The youth development should be monitored better, because an artificial football pitch and other facilities aren’t the only sectors to develop a footballer.

What do you think about Malta’s Football Nurseries?

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  1. mark Scicluna says:

    nice article jordy ! Are u the guy that promotes the young malta players online ?


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