Camilleri off to a blistering start in Italy

Friday, October 29, 2010, 15:05
Stevie Camilleri in action for Neptunes this summer

Stevie Camilleri in action for Neptunes this summer

Maltese waterpolo player Stevie Camilleri, who features in the Neptunes lineup in the summer league, could not have wished for a better start to his Italian Serie A season. Playing once again for Bogliasco, after two games he tops the scorers standings with seven goals to his name.

In Bogliasco’s first game against Lake Isea Brixia Camilleri saw some familiar faces in the water including Bogdan Rath (Brixia) who last summer featured for Sliema, and Heiko Nossek (Bogliasco) who played for San Giljan a few months ago. In this game Camilleri netted three goals while Nossek was expelled for brutality with the resulting penalty being missed by ex-Sliema Rath. Bogliasco lost with a 10-8 scoreline.

In their second outing, Bogliasco were more successful, registering a 11-7 victory over Ellevi Nervi with Camilleri netting four goals including two penalties.

Stevie Camilleri will not be playing tomorrow afternoon in Malta’s international game as his club shall be facing Rari Nantes Florentia at the same time. A familiar face for Camilleri on the pool deck will be Domenico De Meo who was the referee in this year’s knockout final that Neptunes played against Sliema.

Tomorrow the Maltese national team faces Poland in a qualifier match from the group stage of the LEN European Water Polo Championships 2010-2011 which starts at 4:30pm at the National Pool. Entrance is free.

Watch the highlights, including 4 goals from Stevie Camilleri, from Bogliasco’s victory over Nervi in the video below.


  1. sport fan says:

    both of you,

    asa knew the problem, they tried arragne the date with the italian federation but this year the program in italy is too tight and they cannot afford any changes in fixtures (apparently).

    there are local maltese players who opted to drop out of the squad, so I guess with stevie it was either a mutual or a natural obvious decision


  2. skill says:

    wpolo fan .. let me pan things out nicely for u to avoid u spreading stupid rumours.
    actually there is not much to it so u wont get too confused. the asa should have thought about this as soon as they received the dates of the fixtures and not a couple of days before the event. in that way, matters would have been surely sorted. put yourself in his shoes , contracted to a top professional club , is it that easy to leave when there is a league game scheduled ? Mismanagement of the ASA as usual. on a better note, well done steve were all very proud. keep the maltese flag fying high !


  3. Wpolo fan says:

    so he chooses club over country?


    parent-supporter Reply:

    Says who???????

    release was not given by bogliasco management and not the choice of the player in question.

    so pls if you dont know the facts, pause and ask


    H2O Reply:

    You dare call yourself wpolo fan . You’re ridiculous


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