Camilleri, Carannante in first place after group 1

Saturday, April 13, 2013, 13:45

Day three of the XVI MCC in Ljubljana, Slovenia comprises the Mixed Doubles event, with two teams formed by each participating nation playing in two groups. All teams are, however, competing in one division. The four-bowler Team Malta have been split into teams, with Rankin Camilleri and Tiziana Carannante competing in Group 1, and Sue Abela and Justin Caruana Scicluna forming Malta’s Group 2 team.


With Group 1 now completed, Camilleri and Carannante find them perfectly situated to scoop more medals for Malta by the end of the day, having finished top of their group of twelve teams thanks to yet another stunning performance from our bowlers. After a poor 333 start, with only Slovenia getting off to a worse start, the Maltese pair then slammed home much better games of 436 and 448 to race up the standings, finding themselves in the top spot, ahead of a strong Italian outfit of Fausta Regali and Maurizio Celli (1217 – 1206).


Malta 1 held onto the top spot by just four pins after game four, bowling a 398 against Italy’s 405, and then dropped to second place in a heart-stopping game five, as their 383 game meant Regali and Celli went top with their 400 effort (2011 – 1998). Then Rankin and Tiziana managed a gargantuan effort in game six, Camilleri shooting a 236, coupled with a sound 210 from Carannante for a 446 team game, putting them back in the top spot, ahead of Italy whose 368 was just not enough (2444 – 2379). Turkey 1 currently hold third place, but with the remaining twelve teams still to play, there are no guarantees.


Team Malta now have a huge, but realistic task to pull off in the Mixed Doubles, and that is for both teams to place among the medals once Sue Abela and Justin Caruana Scicluna complete their six-game series this afternoon.


Team Malta’s participation is made possible by the backing of the MTBA, the MOC and also KMS. The Eden SuperBowl also provided extra free training facilities for Team Malta in the run-up to the event in Slovenia. The team is being aided by MTBA National Coach, Rick Vogeleseng during their participation in the XVI MCC. More information and updated scores can be found at the official event website:

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