Camilleri and Muscat wins ASMK Motocross Champions 2012/13

Sunday, May 26, 2013, 8:36

On Sunday 19th May ASMK organised a series of Autocross and MotoCross races at the ASMK Racing circuits at Ta Qali. The Moto Trials were held at the Mellieha Ahrax quarry by collaboration of MMF and AWDC. All races are sponsored by ASMK-Pasta Poiatti.

 The MotoCross championship was concluded Turing this event. As expected lately, Clayton Camilleri on his KTM was declared Championship winner again thus retaining No. 1 on his KTM. Camilleri won 181 points out of the 200 points available. Runner-up is Paul Muscat on another KTM with 140 points. 3rd place Carmel Borg on a Suzuki RMZ won 109 points.

 We had a different situation in the Motocross Class B where Trever Muscat won enough points up to the 6th race to be unbeatable to the championship end. Trever won 6 from 8 championship events and won 172 points. Yet the race was battled between Brandon Cassar Muscat on a Yamaha YZF and Gozo rider Joseph Bigeni on a Suzuki RMZ. Though Bigeni won this last event he is placed 3rd Overall with 156 points to Brandon’s 161 points.

 Autocross championship leaders Patrick Cassar (Opel Corsa) and Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo won all their qualifying Heats thus securing their place on the Final A start grid. Philip Vella on an Opel Nova, Melo Zammit on a Ford Escort, Vince Farrugia on his VW Polo and Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta also qualified for this A Final race. Cassar and Galea made a very good start but in a while Cassar took the lead followed by Vella and Farrugia who was followed by Grech close behind. Grech was pressing hard on Farrugia when in the 5th Lap, Grech was penalised for foul play on Farrugia by the referee and was later forced to ritire from the race due to a mechanical fault. Cassar reach the Finish flag first followed by Christian Galea who managed to gain a number of places and ahead of Vella. Farrugia finished in 4thplace. 

 Class B finalists were B Malcom Borg, Mario Scicluna, Ryan Scerri u Andreas Scicluna all on Opel Corsa cars, Chris Formosa on a Ford Fiesta and Kurt Sammut on a Ford Ka. Scerri took the lead after performing an excellent start with Borg close by. Soon Mario and Andreas Scicluna followed Scerri with Borg in 4th place.During the 9 laps race though Scerri held his lead ahead od Mario Scicluna, Borg advanced a number of places climbing to a respectable 3rd place and ahead of Sammut who finished 4th on his Ka.

 In the Gozo Autocross Final Race Dominic Zammit on an Alfa Sud took the lead followed by Christian Apap on his Escort and ahead of Joseph Gauci on an Alfa Sud and Joseph Vella on a Ford Fiesta. During the race Gauci was adding pressure on Apap which later resulted in an unsporty move by both which resulted in both drivers who were forced to retire and penalised by the referee whose decision was secured by the Autocross committee. Zammit won the race final ahead of Vella on the Fiesta while Gauci and Apap placed 3rd and 4threspectively.

 At l-Ahrax l/o Mellieha, the Trials riders held their competitions with a number of sections riding over natural obstacles. This proved challenging for many present. Yet Class A Damon Bonello won this 6th Round of the ASMK championship. Alan Zahra who suffered Clutch problems placed 2nd ahead of James Zahra in 3rd place.

 Class B was won by young Rowen Bonello. Rowen won his 5th competition to date. He hold highest points ahead of 2nd and 3rd placed Jonathan and Manuel Camilleri respectively.

ASMK wish to inform the general public that the next event will be organised on Saturday evening 1st June from 6.00pm. The event is expected to last about 4 hours.

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