Buttigieg and Busuttil asked to withdraw judicial protest

Friday, February 3, 2012, 8:00
Norman Darmanin Demajo and Bjorn Vassallo have been given the go ahead by the MFA Council to ask the ex Malta National team coaches Buttigieg and Busuttil to withdraw the judicial protest that the coaching couple have presented in the Malta law courts last week.
If the ex Malta National team coaches John Buttigieg and Carmel Busuttil withdraw the protest they will be handed their dues, this site can confirm.
MFA lawyer Chris Bonnet said that the pay out cheques (to settle the termination of contract) were already signed at the MFA offices but they were not sent due to the fact that the judicial protest were presented in the law courts.
The Malta FA was surprised to hear that the ex coaches did such an action, although this site has information that the protest was filed purposely to be in line with the Employment Act since a clause in this act gives a maximum of 4 months to the employee to seek legal justice against his/her employee after a case of unfair dismissal as the coaches are alleging.
“If they wanted to complain on something they could have either contacted me as MFA lawyer or file their complaint at UEFA” Bonnet said. He added that he communicated personally with both Busuttil and Buttigieg and informed them that they had infringed “prima face” the MFA and FIFA regulations with regards tribunal and legal proceedings. According to the MFA and FIFA rules (1554 FIFA regulation) football players, coaches and administrators etc cannot file legal procedures outside the Football Association’s boundaries. Therefore according to Dr.Bonnet, by filing a judicial protest in the Malta law courts through their lawyer Dr.Ian Spiteri Bailey, Butigieg and Busuttil have breached the MFA regulations.
The General Secretary will write to the coaches and inform them of all of the above. In the meantime the MFA has “seized” the coaches from the Association. The MFA will in the meantime check if one or both coaches are currently employed with a Club. Recently is has been reported that both coaches were handed over the technical administration of Birkirkara FC Nursery. If it results that one or both of them are employed with a Club then this Club will be informed that the coaches cannot keep on being employed with them until this issue is settled.
Both coaches might be facing dicsiplinary decisions within the MFA boards in due course for taking this matter to Court.

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  1. mgauci says:

    According to the MFA and FIFA rules (1554 FIFA regulation)????? What is this non-sense??? Those are MFA rules and not FIFA rules. FIFA rules state the following:

    FIFA VIII. JURISDICTION ARTICLE 22 Competence of FIFA - Without prejudice to the right of any player or club to seek redress before a civil court for employment-related disputes, FIFA is competent to hear: ……………

    Alla jbierek pero l-MFA tista ddahhal regoli kontra l-ligi u kontra dawk tal-FIFA u minghaliha li hi hijja l-fuq mil-ligi. Hadt mhu l-fuq mil-ligi Sur Bonnett u tghidx cucati li din hijja FIFA rule.


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