Busy week for the Maltese Kickboxing Team

Monday, November 5, 2012, 9:14

by Catherine Micallef

In two days time, on Wednesday 7th November 2012, the Maltese Kickboxing Team will be engaging in the WMKF ( World Martial Kombat Federation) World Championship 2012, a competition involving martial arts and fighting sports. The Maltese Kickboxing Team is made up of the only 3 clubs in Malta known as the “Malta Squad”; Wushuky Kickboxing Club lead by Master Silvio Camilleri (also President of the Maltese Federation), The Art of Fighting Club lead by Sensei Simon Chetcuti and The Basement Kickboxing Club lead by Sensei Kenneth Scerri.
The WMKF incorporates 5,000 members world wide: Argentina, Mexico, Thailand and also Malta, all of which will be competing in Trapani, Sicily. The World Championship competition is held every year during the month of November, organised by the WMKF itself. It can be said with great pride that the Malta Squad athletes competing this year have been dedicated to hard training in order to be well prepared for the competition that lies ahead.
The competing athletes for Full Contact Kickboxing and Muay Thai are Brandon Borg aka Bogon, Isarti Anas aka Makaveli, Joseph Mark Bonello, Brenda Micallef, Dione Galea and Christian Schembri. Gary Fiorini, Matthew Borg, Matthias Christano, Christian Schembri, Justin Debono, Wayne Hardy, Darren ‘Jet’ Scerri and Christine Scerri will be competing in the discipline of Light Contact.
The Maltese Federation would like to wish the Maltese team the greatest success in the forthcoming championship and looks forward to any future competitions. A big thank you goes to the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) for providing the Maltese team once again with uniforms for the competition and Vanessa Muscat from Air Malta who has gently provided promo items for the foreign athletes.

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    Big thankls to Catherine for the support to the local martial arts clubs . . Well Done Sportin Malta website


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