Bupa Luxol sign Samuel Deguara

Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 20:07

Colin Schembri

Bupa Luxol club president Edgar Caruana Montaldo and coach John Tabone announced the signing of Samuel Deguara for the reaminder of the season 2013/2014.  Deguara will be a great asset for Bupa Luxol to challenge for the remaining honours the season has to offer. When contacted by this site, Head Coach John Tabone wanted to point out that whilst he showed great satisfaction in acquiring the services of big man Deguara, it is pertinent to note that the understanding between Luxol BC and Samuel, is that if at any time Deguara’s agent manages to locate a foreign club, Samuel and Luxol will part ways immediately. At Luxol we believe that the 22 year old’s potential is playing in a major European league said Tabone.

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