Buggie said no!

Thursday, April 22, 2010, 12:04
As we all know Danijel Bogdanovic has been in contract talks for the past months with Barnsley FC and an apparent stale mate has now been reached. Buggie has fast become the Tykes favourite, scoring an impressive 14 goals this year.

Don Rowing, the Barnsley FC director was quoted on BBC Radio Sheffield “We made an offer to extend his contract, but after consultation, he refused it.” Rowing confirmed that the contract talks now will continue after the season has ended as regulations stipulate that that Barnsley have up to the third Saturday in May to take a decision. Bogdanovic is tied with Barnsley till the 30th June with two more games to play this year.

Rowing confirmed that there is a big difference between what the player has asked for and what the club is prepared to pay. The director also stated that his club cannot afford Bogdanovic’s demand and stated that he feels that the offer was a generous one.

Barnsley FC fans vented their disappointment as the news came out. The Malta international has given them their fair share of joyous moments this year, but the team slipped at the most crucial moment at the end of the year when a play off place was still at hand.

Bogdanovic has attracted interest from three unnamed teams in the Championship, a team in Spain and one in Germany.

We at sportinmalta.com will strive to focus on news about our Maltese counterparts unlike top Maltese media houses who still feature foreign sports news with prominence, even forgetting about top Maltese sportsmen like Bogdanovic.

Do you think Bogdanovic is making the right decision?


  1. bernard says:

    probabli..la darba andom il victor schriha, kwazi jgibu l min iridu..


  2. Elvis says:

    I do not think that DanBog will act as foolishly as MM did. He seems to be more mature. Here’s wishing him good luck in his negotiations. BTW are ‘several clubs’ still queuing for MM?


  3. John says:

    michael mifsud 2 .. ara jispicax mal belt wkoll


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