Brian Galea wins Easter Trap Competition

Monday, April 9, 2012, 13:07

Brian Galea won The Easter Trap Competition organized by The Southern Shooting Club on Sunday on 50 clays, plus another 25 clays in the barrage finals.

Brian Galea placed 1st with 39+19=58

Rudolph Zammit placed 2nd with 40+17=57

Frank Scorfna placed 3rd with 37+18=55

Nicky Carabott placed 4th with 39+15=54

Matthew Busuttil placed 5th with 39+14=53

Maurice Cutajar placed 6th with 37+13=50

Class A 1st Silvio Attard 43/50, 2nd Alvin Vella 42/50. 3rd Nicky Carabott 39/50.

Class B 1st Rudolph Zammit 40/50, 2nd Matthew Busuttil 39/50, 3rd Maurice Cutajar 37/50

Class C 1st Vince Cassar 37/50, 2nd George Grech 34/50, 3rd Grezzju Zammit 33/50.


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