Breaking Limits Sports & Art Festival

Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 10:51
by Stephen Azzopardi

Breaking Limits is run by disabled people with the aim to improve the situation  for disabled people in Malta.  The organization is working to push NGOs for changes and show Malta that disabled people can do a lot of things.  In fact, they can do things that ordinary people won’t do.  Therefore Breaking Limits is trying to take off the idea of pitying, when it comes to these people.

The festival which will be held between Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September at the Courtyard of the Old Military Prison in Corradino, is aimed to show the abilities rather than the disabilities.  The special guest will be the amazing break-dancer from Holland Bboy Redo.

Wheelchair Tennis will be held provided by KMS together with Corradino Tennis Club, Wheelchair Handball in collaboration with Malta Handball Association and Wheelchair Basketball with KMS & MBA. During the sports activites, teams will be in mixed abilities.  Particularly in Wheelchair Tennis, where there are doubles, one participant will be standing and the other on the wheelchair.

There will be also lots of activities apart from sports.  On Friday there will be a discussion between the relevant politicians and disabled representatives.  During Saturday afternoon there will be a Zumba Class and filming of a song written for this event by John Mallia from No Bling.  Saturday night the festival will end with a bbq including musical bands and stand up comedies.

The facebook page created for this event had more than 28000 views in three weeks time.  Sportinmalta with pleasure promotes such event and next week we will give you an in depth coverage.

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