Brain Galea wins Southern Shooters Trap Grand Prix 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012, 17:16
Brian Galea was in top form this weekend to win The Southern Shooters Trap Grand Prix 2012 organized at Hal far Shooting ranges. This Grand Prix was on 125 clays Trap, with the top six to qualify for the barrage finals of another 25 clays single shot.
A second barrage final was organized for the best two shooters of each class, A,B & C.
Brian Galea placed 1st with 116/125 (ISSF MQS) + 19=135/150           
Silvio Attard placed 2nd with 115/125 (ISSF MQS) + 19=134/150
Jason J. Aquilina placed 3rd with 114/125 (ISSF MQS) +19=133/150
Nazzareno Attard placed 4th with 111/125 +21=132/150
Stephen Vella placed 5th with 110/125+18=128/150
Nicky Carabott placed 6th with 110/125+13=123/150
A 1st Stanley Cardona 105+21=126
A 2nd Paul Formosa 106+19=125
B 1st Carmel Mallia 94+17=111
B 2nd Micheal Grech 97+9=106
C 1st Sheizan Borg 89+16=105
C 2nd Joe Cutajar 89+11=100
Class A 1st Brian Galea, 2nd Silvio Attard, 3rd Jason J.Aquilina.
Class B 1st Micheal Grech, 2nd Carmel Mallia, 3rd Vince Cassar.
Class C 1st Shamezan Borg. 2nd Joe Cutajar, 3rd Pierre Montebello.
Veterans. 1st Nazzareno Attard, 2nd George Cassar, 3rd Carmel Mallia.
During this Grand Prix two straights of 25/25 were registered. One by Brian Galea and one by Jeffery Pisani.

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