Boxing Night

Friday, May 31, 2013, 16:38

The Press conference was opened by the president of the Malta Boxing Council – former international promoter Ms Eva Rolle.

Ms Rolle began by thanking all those showing an interest in attending and in Maltese boxing, in particular the Directors and management of the TBH who were the main partners for this show – She then announced that the “German Boxing Association” champion, Alexander Menges – one of the two German boxers who were scheduled to challenge for the Malta Boxing Commission international title on the 7th of June at a show to be held at ‘The Bugibba Hotel’ would be unable to do so as he was injured the previous week at a boxing show which was held in Germany, during the IBF conference.

Ms Rolle who very recently was the main organizer of the IBF (International Boxing Federation)which was held in Berlin (20 to 25 May) talked about the role of the ‘Malta Boxing Council’ at this conference and announced that Malta was in the running for hosting the 2016 IBF Convention in Malta.

Malta Boxing Council – Secretary General – Mr. Alexander Zammit also thanked those showing an interest in local professional boxing and pointed out the distinction between professional boxing and semi pro-boxing.

Ms Rolle then introduced the coming boxing shows promoter Mr. Edwin Micallef, explaining that this was Mr. Micallef’s first professional boxing show.

Mr. Micallef thanked Ms Rolle and the MBC and gave detail for the show. Mr. Micalllef went on to present the new title belt to those present.

Mr. Jean Pierre Abela – General operations Manager at the ‘The Bugibba Hotel’ thanked the MBC for give the hotel the chance to partner in this event and talked about the importance of linking sport and tourism – he continued saying that he believed that boxing was a sport with potential and the hotel looked forward to expanding the relations with the ‘Malta Boxing Council’.

The MBC President Ms. Rolle then presented Mr. Abela with an engraved medal inscribed and commemorating the event.

Maltese Professional Boxers – Daniel Micallef (who will be taking on  Marcen Gierke of Germany for the Maltese MBC International Title), Clayton Vella and Turkish Boxer Ali Keklik had little to say except that they looked forward to fight night – Prompting MBC President Eva Rolle to jokingly remark that Maltese boxers were still shy and very different to boxers in Germany, who would not stop talking to the press & media once they start.


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