Boxing: Diane Schembri wins the World Boxing Union title

Monday, May 15, 2017, 12:13

It was a well-deserved win for boxer Diane Schembri who achieved the World Boxing Union (WBU) title in a fight against Marie-Clare Church in the 56kg category.

Schembri, who is 26 years old, has been boxing for just over two years, and had her first fight after only two months of training with Team Noel. Before starting boxing Schembri used to practice Taekwondo.

Master Noel Mercieca, who has trained Schembri for the past two years, explained that, in the beginning, Schembri was more interested in kickboxing, but after spotting a good potential for boxing, he encouraged her to focus on this particular sport instead. Since then Schembri has been in pursuit of the WBU belt.

Saturday 6th May’s fight played out pretty evenly between Schembri and Church during the first two rounds, but then Schembri went on to win the second two rounds and land a knock-out.

Mercieca described Schembri as a dedicted, determined and strong woman who had worked tirelessly to win this title.

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