BOV Waterpolo Championship Fixtures Drawn

Thursday, May 17, 2012, 16:22

Stevie Camilleri and Andrea Sammut are BOV Players of the Year

Neptunes’ Stevie Camilleri and Valletta goalkeeper Andrea Sammut are the BOV Waterpolo Players of the Year for Season 2011 for the first and second division respectively. The players were presented with this award during a press conference held at the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta Offices at the National Pool where the fixtures for the BOV Waterpolo Championship 2012 were drawn.

Peter Perotti, Chief Officer at Bank of Valletta, presented Mr Camilleri with the BOV Waterpolo 1st Division Player of the Year Trophy while Joe Caruana Curran, President of the ASA, presented Mr Sammut with the Second Division Trophy.

This year’s Championship will once again see all participating teams divided into two groups during the preliminary round. This will be in relation to the final standing achieved during last year’s championship with the champions and runners up being the top seeds for each group, while the third and fourth placed will be the second seed of the group and so on till the last team.

A single round robin league will be played within each group with the matches between the top seeds and bottom seeds being played first and the matches between the top 2 seeds being played last. The final classification of the preliminary round shall be determined with the top teams in each group playing for the 1st and 2nd position, the second team in each group for the 3rd and 4th position and so forth.

The top five teams will qualify for the First Division where they will play on a double round robin league, with the top team starting with a 5-point bonus, the second team on a 3-point bonus, and two points and one point each for the third and fourth team respectively while the fifth team will get no bonus points.

The first placed team will automatically qualify for the final while the 2nd and 3rd placed teams will play a 3-series semi-final to determine the second finalist. The teams will then contest a best-of-five series final to determine the Champions.

The remaining teams will contest the second division title with the sixth to ninth placed teams in the preliminary round enjoying a five, three, two and 1-point bonus respectively. Following a three-round, round robin league, the top two teams in Division II will play a best-of-three series final to determine the champions.

“We are fresh off the BOV Waterpolo Winter league where the champions were determined in the very last seconds of the final game showing a very high level of competition,” said Mr Perotti. “This reflected last season’s championship which was also determined in the last match to the delight of all present.”

“We take this opportunity to congratulate the BOV Waterpolo players of the year and look forward to a very competitive season in both divisions,” Mr Caruana Curran. “Following the success of last year’s competitions, we have decided enhance this format slightly by giving the top team in the first division extra rest days before competing in the final. We are sure that this will maximize the entertainment value for all those who follow the game”.

The fixtures will be available on this website shortly.

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