Updated: BOV Water Polo Winter league fixtures drawn

Thursday, February 9, 2012, 11:20

The Fixtures of the BOV Water Polo Winter League were drawn during a press conference held at the Aquatic Sports Association Offices at the National Pool at Tal-Qroqq. The fixtures were drawn by Peter Perotti, Chief Officer at Bank of Valletta and Joe Caruana Curran, President of the ASA.

Following last year’s season culminate in an exceptional finale at the very last game of the five match season, we are looking forward to the first water polo competition of the season” said Peter Perotti. “Last year’s competitions drew crowds that were never before seen at local water polo competitions and the Bank is working closely with the ASA to continue raising interest in the game.”

“We are certain that the sporting public follow the first water polo competition of the season with great anticipation” said Mr Caruana Curran. “The ASA is currently devising a new format for the BOV Summer Waterpolo Championship that will prove to be even more attractive than the last season”.

“I take this opportunity to thank Bank of Valletta for its continuous support” continued Mr Caruana Curran. “With the Bank’s help, a much needed new hi-tech scoreboard will be installed at the National Pool by the end of March.”

18:00 Saturday 3rd March 2012 San Giljan vs Valletta Sliema vs Exiles
16:00 Sunday 4th March 2012 Neptunes vs Marsascala Sirens vs ASA Youth Selection
16:00 Saturday 10th March 2012 Marsascala vs San Giljan ASA Youth Selection vs Valletta
16:00 Sunday 11th March 2012 Sliema vs Neptunes Exiles vs Sirens
16:00 Saturday 17th March 2012 Neptunes vs Exiles San Giljan vs ASA Youth Selection
16:00 Sunday 18th March 2012 Sirens vs Sliema Valletta vs Marsascala
18:00 Saturday 24th March 2012 Valletta vs Sliema ASA Youth Selection vs Neptunes
16:00 Sunday 25th March 2012 Exiles vs San Giljan Marsascala vs Sirens
16:00 Saturday 31st March 2012 Sliema vs Marsascala Sirens vs Valletta
16:00 Sunday 1st Apil 2012 San Giljan vs Neptunes ASA Youth Selection vs Exiles
18:30 Tuesday 17th April 2012 Neptunes vs Marsascala Marsascala vs ASA Youth Selection
18:30 Wednesday 18th April 2012 Valletta vs Exiles San Giljan vs Sliema
16:00 Saturday 21st April 2012 Sirens vs San Giljan Exiles vs Marsascala
16:00 Sunday 22nd April 2012 Neptunes vs Valletta Sliema vs ASA Youth Selection
16:00 Saturday 28th April 2012 7th Placed vs 7th Placed 1st Placed vs 4th Placed
16:00 Sunday 29th April 2012 5th Placed vs 6th Placed 2nd Placed vs 3rd Place
18:30 Friday 4th May 2012 FINAL 1
16:00 Sunday 6th May 2012 3rd and 4th Place Match FINAL 2
18:30 Tuesday 8th May 2012 FINAL 3






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