BOV Basketball Players of the Month (Feb.2017)

Friday, March 31, 2017, 11:49

Gavin Muscat

The BOV Men’s 1st Division Player of the Month for February is Gzira Athleta’s Michael Naudi. This is Michael’s sixteenth individual award in his career for Athleta. Naudi averaged an astounding 11.14 rebound per game during February with 3.33 assists per game. He had a 65% average from the free throw line (24 from 37) and 47% from the field (43 from 91)

Caffe Moak Luxol’s Sarah Pace won the Women’s award. Besides being voted the Most Valuable Player of the Women’s knockout competition final, Sarah averaged 3.06 steals and 1.67 assists per game with 40% from the field (12 from 30). This is the seventh time that Sarah won the Women’s monthly award

Gzira Athleta’s Kwame Thompson was the automatic choice for Men’s second division award. Kwame scored the most points, 107 points in 3 games for an average of 35.67ppg, had the best percentage in free throws (15 from 20 – 75%) and from the field (40 from 46 – 86%). He played 35.19 minutes per game and also averaged 5.67 steals per game. This is Kwame’s second individual award having already won it in October 2016.

Peter Perotti, Chief Officer at Bank of Valletta presented a commemorative plaque to the winners. Bank of Valletta can trace its relationship with the Malta Basketball Association back to the 1970’s and today is Malta’s premiere supporter of sporting initiatives.

Kwame Thompson,Sarah Pace,Peter Perotti and Michael Naudi


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