BOV Basketball Players of the Month – December 2015

Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 18:13

Colt Fason (Bupa Luxol) wins First Division Award

Sarah Pace (Caffe Moak Luxol) takes the Women’s Award

Ivan Mitrovic (Starlites) with the Men’s 2nd Division Award

Bupa Luxol’s American import Colt Fason is the BOV BOV Basketball Men’s first division player of the Month for December 2015. Fason was the overall top-scorer in the BOV Men’s First Division with 115 points from 3 games for an average of 38.33 ppg. Fason wreaked havoc in the opponents’ defence suffering no less than 36 fouls in 3 matches. With 59% from the field and playing 36.47 minutes per game, Fason was firmly voted favorite for this month’s award.






Sarah Pace’s 62 points in 4 games (16.50 ppg) earned her the BOVPlayer of the Month award in the Women’s section. Apart from scoring most points during the month, Sarah was also the top 3-point shooter with a 50% average, potting 9 from 18 attempts. She averaged 44% from the field and 35.49 minutes per game with a total of 143.17 minutes played. This is Sarah’s sixth individual award, and the second of this season, having already won this award in October.


Starlites Ivan Mitrovic scored an impressive 88% of free throws taken sinking 22 from 25. The BOV Men’s second division top scorer, with 80 points from 3 games (26.67 ppg) averaged 48% from the distance and played 36.33 minutes per game with 109.41 minutes on the field. Mitrovic also averaged 2.89 steals per game.


Peter Perotti, Chief Officer at Bank of Valletta congratulated the winners and presented them with a commemorative plaque for their achievement.

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