Borg wins Boxing Tournament

Saturday, November 30, 2013, 12:00

A Boxing competition was organized on the 22nd of November which included a four men tournament won by Darren Borg .

Borg , an athlete from Team Noel, competed in the Boxing tournament for the Heavy Weight category where the athlete’s weight ranged between 93kg to 120kg . Every match was by an elimination system, where the winner would continue rising for the final. The 3×3 matches were the highlight of the evening.

Borg’s first match was with Michael “Hurricane” Carter. Borg attacked immediately without stalling and kept Carter under constant pressure . Almost any combination used by Borg led to gaining points and was an unanimous decision by the ” Judges ” to give Borg the victory and to advance for the final .

The second and final match was against Mark “the Machine” Cutajar . These two Boxers had already faced each other where Borg had emerged the winner. Again Borg came out first for the attack to control the match. The first two rounds were controlled by Borg despite the counterattacks from  Cutajar. In the third round Cutajar came around and started taking points, but the judges gave Borg the victory and the Title Belt by an unanimous decision.

The athlete from Team Noel has been training with Master Noel Mercieca since 2002 and has a Black Belt in Kickboxing but stopped for a period of three years. It was this year that Borg has started training in Boxing with Team Noel and his comeback match was with Cutajr himself.

For December Ying Yang Kickboxing Team Noel, made up ​​by Daniel “the Jet ” Zahra and Brandon Spiteri, will go toNorthern Irelandto representMaltain K1 matches sanctioned under the World Kickboxing Network ( WKN ). Zahra will have professional match against Gary Hamilton and Spiteri will compete for the European Amateur Title .

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