Borg gets his second consecutive Major title

Monday, April 11, 2011, 17:30

If there was any doubt whether Angelo Borg, the youth player of the MTFSA and registered with the Greek club of Piraeus Lions could be an important asset to the future of this sport, today there is no doubt about it. The year 2011, offered a positive stream to the Maltese youngster who managed to win all his international tournaments.

In January 2011, Angelo won the Grand Prix of France and 15 days later he won the Malta International Open organised on February 12th and 13th. During the first weekend of March, in Mons (Belgium) Angelo Borg won the first Major tournament of the season, always in the Under 19 category. Following this success, a week ago Angelo obtained two more titles. The Victoria Hotel Malta Grand Prix and International Open were both targeted by Angelo and during the past weekend he managed to win the second consecutive Major title. These results inspire his team mates in the Under 19 national team in the preparations for the World Cup 2011 to be held in Palermo, Italy next July.

Angelo was seeded in Group 3, with Chrsitophe Georgi (Germany), Kenny Gerrets (Holland) and Terry San (Belgium). He won against the German lad 1-0, and draw 2-2 against the Dutch side and 3-3 against the Belgian boy. At the begining of the knock-out stage, Angelo Borg won against Remy Honet (Belgium) 2-1 to lead him to the semi final against the German promising player Marcel Kwiatowski where Borg managed a 3-2 win although the German player was leading the match 1-0 after a couple of minutes. Terry San, the player he already played during the Group phase was the challenger for the title. Against San, Angelo had already won the title in France but this time the result was more convincing and the Maltese chap had not to wait till the sudden death to grap the cup, but with a convincing 3-0 Angelo invested more in his ranking points to move from third possibily to second in the final table.

In the Open Category the Maltese participants Mark Gauci and Derek Conti from Atlas TFC (Greece) had an easy start in their respective groups. Conti won against Limpens (Belgium) and Gorgette (France) but had to stop his adventure in the tournament against Christophe Dheur (Belgju) were the latter won 3-1. Gauci, started with a 2-2 match against Robillard (Belgium) and 8-1 score against Fursund (Denmark). In the last 16, Mark had 5-0 win against another Danish player, named Lund. Eventually in the last 8 phase, he had to face his team mate the Greek Prantsoudies. Mark won again with a convincing score, this time 4-1. Semi final opponent was the home player Haas and Gauci won 2-1. The final was then another story. Carlos Flores (Spain) was too prepared and to accurate for the Maltese player and the latter lost 4-1.

In the Veterans section, the tentatives of Joseph Mifsud to reach the second consecutive final in the second Major of the year, were stopped by Erich Hinkelmann in the semis who then went to win the title. Joseph Mifsud was pretty accurate and showed very accurate touches against Pawlica (Austria) and Taal (Holland) in the Group stage.  In the barrage stage, he had to phase the Italian Bacchin and a stunning 3-0 left no space to any chance for the Italian to qualify to the next round. In the quarter final, Mifsud faced David Scheen (Belgium) and the score was 2-1 for the Maltese guy. Eventually he then lost the semi final to the Austrian experienced player Hinkelmann.

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