Bonnet set for Vice President. Vigo, Bartolo or Manfre will be out

Thursday, June 20, 2013, 10:19

The MFA’s employed legal counsel Dr Chris Bonnet is set to become one of the the three Vice Presidents of the Association this site has learnt.

Dr Bonnet has officially tendered his application for the post as have done also the other three contestants so far namely Perit Ludovico Micallef, Carmelo Bartolo and Alex Manfre.

The MFA will hold its AGM in August and elections are planned after the three year term has expired under the NDD administration.

It is now an open battle within the MFA’s office as it is clear that the duo Darmanin Demajo-Vassallo are backing Bonnet for the post and thus backstabbing long serving current Vice Presidnets. The weakest link according to many is Ludoviko Micallef who is set almost certain to be left out from the race, at least that is the plan for the time being.

It is not yet known if Dr Bonnet will refuse the remuneration as per MFA statute of Vice President when elected. The fact that he is currently on the MFA’s payroll as legal counsel has already raised eyebrows by local football Clubs who are asking if a new lawyer will be employed to replace Dr Bonnet should he resign from his employment due to his new role.

The closing date for eligible individuals to hand in their nomination is 1st July 2013. The list of candidates for the roles of three Vice Presidents may increase in the next days.

With regards the post of President, Face book page Malta Football Speculations has reported that all is set for a contention between the current President and Dr Peter Fenech an ex Vice President who served under the Presidency of Dr Joe Mifsud is his last three years in office.

Chris Bonnet second from left

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