Bonello Spiteri takes Lake District Half Ironman challenge this weekend

Thursday, June 23, 2011, 8:00

Danica Bonello Spiteri

Sportswomen of the year Danica Bonello Spiteri will participate in the Lake District Half Ironman this Sunday. The middle distance triathlon race will consist of a 1.9km Swim, followed by 90kms bike and a 21km run. The proposed route is one of the most challenging routes in the UK with the bike and run segments set on hilly grounds.

Bonello Spiteri has already embarked in her full triathlon season in the UK where she participated in the Wetherby Triahlon finishing a credible 5th place in her first outing despite torrid weather conditions and cold temperatures.

The Allerthorpe Triathlon  held in York was her second race of the year were over 250 participants took the start of the sprint distance triahlton. She was first out of the 750m swim in her group and rode strongly the 20km bike segment despite the prevailing winds. She finished off the race in 6th place after  a solid 5km final run in a total time of 1hr 10minutes. 

Bonello Spiteri a doctor by profession  is currently based in UK specialising in sports and exercise medicine.

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