Blues in second place

Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 9:17

by Victor Ciangura, courtesy of The Malta Independent


APS Bank Under 15 Section A…….  


Sliema W     4


St Andrew     1


By virtue of this win Sliema are now in second place on 17 points from 7 games and together with leaders Pieta they are the only teams unbeaten in the Section. St Andrew are in penultimate position having only 2 points also from 7 games and will contest the relegation pool in the second phase of the competition.


The game was only two minutes old when Sliema forged ahead as Gary Muscat dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and after crossing the ball in the area Kurt Shaw scored with a hard low drive past St Andrew keeper Samuel Felice.


In another action by Sliema Luke a Borg released Shaw in the area and after Felice partly saved his shot the ball was cleared by a defender.


In the first action by St Andrew in the 8th minute they equalized as Andrew Thake square-passed the ball in the area to MalcolmVella who shot past Sliema keeper Edward Gatt.


In the 11th minute Sliema were denied by the wood work when the ball thumped the bar from a hard drive from outside the area by Borg after he dribbled past an opponent.


Sliema resumed with their pressing and created four more actions before the break. Miguel Mifsud was fouled outside the area and the ball missed the bar by a whisker from the same player’s free kick. Nevin Portelli released Muscat on the right flank and after the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross which was well-taken by Shaw, Omar Elouni missed the upright from his header. Muscat served Portelli with a cross from the right and as he tried his luck from outside the area Felice turned the ball to a corner and Muscat served Shaw with a through ball outside the area and he missed the bar by inches with Felicebeaten .


The second period was dominated by Sliema as they created all the actions and three minutes after the restart they regained their slender lead when Mifsud was fouled on the right flank and after the same player floated a perfect high ball in the area Elouninetted with a low shot.



Sliema won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Nathan Montebello and after the ball was cleared in the direction of the same player he crossed the ball in the area and it was cleared away with great difficulty.Shaw released Mifsud on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross.  


Elouni then released Mifsud on the left flank and the ball was cleared on the fatal line from the free kick by Shaw. AlessioAzzopardi released Mifsud on the left flank who after advancingFleice saved his cross-shot in two attempts.


In the last minute of normal time Sliema scored a third goal whenMifsud served Shaw in the area and after the ball hit the base of the upright with Felice beated Elouni was on hand to score from the rebound and in the first minute of added time the score became 4-1 as Borg entered the area after beating a defedneerand after Felice partly saved his shot shaw netted from the rebound.


Referee: Ryan Caruana                                                                Player of the match; Gary Muscat (Sliema W)


St Andrew: S.Felice, S.Mallia, A. Reece, M.Vella, A.Gollcher,A.Magri Overend, M.Grima, S.Camilleri, Andrew Thake, Alexander Thake, S.Walker


Sliema W: E.Gatt, A.Azzopardi, Luke A. Borg, G.Brincat,M.Desira, O.Elouni, M.Mifsud, K.Shaw, G.Muscat, N.Montebello, N.Portelli  


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