B’Kara FC to wear Eurosport branded kit for the next three years

Friday, August 10, 2012, 17:12

by Andre’ Xuereb

For the next three years Birkirkara FC will be wearing Adidas Kits after reaching an agreement with Eurosport .All Birkirkara squads from U 10 to the senior team together with the woman’s and Futsal teams will be wearing full Adidas kits.

Managing Director Christina Peresso announced this during a Press Conference held at Eurosport’s B’kara showroom.Mrs Peresso added that these kits were purposely designed and tailored by Adidas and will feature B’Kara’s traditional yellow and red stripes together with a small maltese flag at the back.
Mrs Peresso stated that it is a pleasure to be partners with Birkirkara FC , in fact in the near future specialy designed merchandise will be produced for the club’s supporters .

Birkirkara FC President  Mr Joe Zammit explained how even though this will be the first time Birkirkara Fc will be wearing a Eurosport branded kit , Birkirkara FC had already collaborated with Eurosport in 2007 when AC Milan visited Malta in January.Mr Zammit added that the club’s decision to work hand in hand with Eurosport was a natural choice ,the directors of Eurosport showed that they were willing to help both the players of the club and also the community of Birkirkara,as the sponsorship will  also be benefitial  for every Birkirkara supporter when buying from Eurosport.

Head coach Mr Paul Zammit said he felt happy Birkirkara FC managed to reach an agreement with Eurosport. He thanked all the players and technical staff for all their hard work and stated how with a bit of luck Birkirkara deserved to qualify against  FK Metalurg Skopje,  the club is now ready for the new season that is about to start and now Zammit has a group a players that form part of a project that Zammit had started to work on since last January.Coach  Zammit concluded by saying that currently there is a positive mentality in the squad  , Birkirkara are a top club thus whoever will have the chance to wear  Birkirkara’s yellow and red striped shirt must be worthy of it.

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