Big guns battle it out in Mizieb

Sunday, July 18, 2010, 22:34

Bonello retains national title

All top mountain bikers presented themselves at the start of the most prestigious race of the season, the cross country national championship, which was held last Saturday at Mizieb over a distance of 36.6kms. The much anticipated race saw riders waiting excitedly on the start line vying their best for this prestigious title.

The riders rode from the start at a controlled pace as everyone eyed each other avoiding wasting useless energy in the early stages of the race. It was Mark Bonnici who shook the field with a progression in the first lap, riders soon dashed on his chase as Maurice Formosa also fired his guns with a counter move. The second and third laps were on fire as the pace really picked up especially in the uphill sections.

Ramon Grech who made a comeback to the sport was foiled by a mechanical mishap, as was Jason Vella. It was defending champion Etienne Bonello who had the better legs on the day as he managed to break free in the third lap with Formosa and Clive Ebejjer hot on his wheels. Bonnici suffered due to his early effort, ending up loosing ground on the Formosa-Ebejjer chasing tandem.

A determined Bonello hammered onto the pedals to stay away as he progessively increased his lead to win in 1:25:54, Back in the race Formosa could not keep Ebejjer’s pace as the latter was home 1’24”’ down on Bonello. Formosa crossed the line in third place with Bonnici in forth just a few meters away in 1:28:54. Marie Claire Aquilina claimed the Lady’s championship while Jack Schiavone won the Sports Category. Further info and full results may be obtained by visiting

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  1. Oswald says:

    WELL DONE ETIENNE, WELL DONE MARIE CLAIRE. Good show for the Greens.
    At the same time “well done” also to the other participants for their gallant sportive spirit and in keeping
    ‘mountain biking’ very much alive.


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