Big boys march on

Monday, June 21, 2010, 17:20

In the second weekend of the BOV national water polo league the top 4 teams kept the pace at the top to win all their games.

On Friday, Exiles were on the way to upset Sirens, but could not keep the pace in the last session which they lost 5-2. This was a much better performance for Exiles who suffered a severe defeat against Neptunes a week earlier and sterling show by Siren’s Varga who netted 7 goals

Sirens Ritter Sports 13 – Exiles Jet Services 10
(2-3), (4-4), (2-1), (5-2)

Sirens: Sammut J, Attard A, Caruana L, Borg P (2), Spiteri Staines J, Mock R, Varga T (7), Cutajar D, Borg J, Zammit C, Vasovic Y (1), Zammit D, Mercieca C (3)

Exiles: Borg Cole A, Rizzo Naudi J (1), Rizzo Naudi K (1), Bonca C (2), Sullivan T, Calleja M, Paris J (1), Grixti K, Fenech J, Cousin A (3), Vassallo S, Cini S, Lanzon K (2)

In the second game on Friday, San Giljan romped to an 18-7 victory against Ta’ Xbiex with their foreigners once again taking centre stage sharing 7 goals between them. Ta Xbiex held their ground in the first session when the score was 5-3 but from then on San Giljan went up a gear and also having Edward Aquilina in fine form.

San Giljan's Edward Aquilina

San Giljan's Edward Aquilina

San Giljan Firetech 18 – Ta’ Xbiex Mermaids Paradise 7
(5-3), (2-0), (6-3), (5-1)

San Giljan Firetech: Camilleri D, Spiteri Debarro C (1), Pace M (1), Galea K (1), Gialanze C (1), Dowling K, Nossec H (4), Bianchi A (1), Aquilina E (3), Scerri R, Fava P (1), Toth M (5), Schembri K

Ta’ Xbiex Mermaids Paradise: Xuereb N, Cachia S, Caruana D, Farrugia A, Lubrano G, Bugeja C, Tabone J (1), Bonello E, Gabriel D (1), Galea A (2), Azzopardi I (1), Spiteri M, Gyrovath T (2)

On Sunday, Ta’ Xbiex were once again in action against Winter league champions Sliema with the latter finding little difficulty to win this duel. In fact Sliema netted 7 goals in the first and third session with Ta’ Xbiex putting Sliema to the test in the other two sessions. Gabaretta was the star player for Sliema, netting an impressive 6 goals with neary all the other Sliema players getting on the scoresheet.

Sliema McDonalds 22 – Ta’ Xbiex Mermaids Paradise 8
(7-1), (4-3), (7-2), (4-2)

Sliema McDonalds: Bianchi A, Gabaretta J (6), Lubrano N (1), Privitera P (2), Meli M (1), Soler J (4), Poalella D, Spiteri Staines M (1), Debono C (2), Kovacs R (2), Rizzo M (1), Rath B (1), Abela D

Ta’ Xbiex Mermaids Paradise: Xuereb A, Cachia S, Caruana D (2), Farrugia A, Lubrano GL, Bugeja C, Tabone J, Bonello E, Gabriel D (2), Galea A, Azzopardi I, Spiteri M, Gyrovath T (4)

The final game of the weekend pitted Winter league runners up Neptunes against the southsiders from Marsascala. Neptunes dominated the game from start to finish, but Marsascala’s Botond and Koralji brought some more respect for Marsascala by tying the second session 5-5. but this success was shortlived with Neptunes forging further ahead through Molnar and S.Camilleri who both notched 6 goals each on the day.

Neptunes Emirates 22 – Marsascala Solid Base 10
(7-2), (5-5), (6-1), (4-2)

Neptunes Emirates: Gouder N, Lanzon N (3), Lanzon B, Stellini M, Camilleri D, Gravina S, Camilleri S (6), Camilleri J (3), Buhagiar B, Gornagy M (3), Bugeja I (1), Molnar T (6), Pisani M

Marsascala Solid Base: Sciortino R, Cutajar JC (1), Botond S (2), Koralji M (5), Borg Spiteri M, Grixti L, Licari J (1), Cremona J (1), Micallef S, Agius T, Attard R, Pace G, Bonnici J

Coming up this week:
Wednesday, 23 June
18:00 Sirens RITTER SPORTS vs M’Scala SC

Saturday, 26 June
16:00 San Giljan FIRETECH vs M’Scala SC
18:30 Sliema McDONALD’S vs Exiles JET SERVICES

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