Bernard Sammut won the Enduro in Fawwara

Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 8:56

Last Sunday ASMK organized the second meeting of the National Enduro WotoMoto National Championship 2018/2019. This event was held in a quarry in Fawwara limits of Siggiewi where the association would like to publicly thank Barbro Group Ltd. for giving the permit to use this venue for this type of motorcycle off-road sports.

The overnight and early Sunday morning rain showers left the ground in a wet condition and an amount of pools in several areas along the pre-planned and built race course. This resulted in more difficult riding conditions for the riders to control their motorcycle in such conditions and they had to waste more energy to finally arrive at the destination to stop the lap recording clock. For this event 15 competitors were divided into three classes and a new 4th class was introduced for the first time for Under 15 years junior racers. This Class together with Class 3 for Novices are very promising.

Bernard Sammut on a Beta 350cc bike sponsored by WotoMoto continued to dominate this Enduro event with a remarkable riding on difficult wet ground. Sammut excelled in the qualifying Heats and in the two Timed Heats of the day where he always improved on his timed laps, thus sealing his second win of this championship with a final time of 9 minutes 0.908 seconds. Sammut was followed by Ian Scicluna on a KTM motorcycle with timed laps of 9 minutes 55.019 seconds and Matthew Gauci on his Beta who registered his best lap in 9 minutes 55.411 seconds.

In Class B,  Krist Falzon on a Husqvarna motorcycle won this class with his best time of 10 minutes 21.886 seconds followed by Gabriel Muscat on KTM motorcycle with a time of 10 minutes 24.642 seconds and Aidan Camilleri on a KTM motorcycle with 10 minutes 33.182 seconds.

In Class C, Kyle Stone on a KTM motorcycle won this class with a total time of 12 minutes 15.177 seconds. Stone was followed by Kurt Muscat on a Yamaha motorcycle with his timed Laps of 12 minutes 33.998 seconds and Mario Gatt on a Honda motorcycle with time Laps of 18 minutes 10.827 seconds.

Julian Scicluna on an OSET electric motor cycle won the first Junior’s Class in 13 minutes 40.557 seconds. Scicluna was followed by Antoine Muscat on a KTM motorcycle with a time of 17 minutes 35.693 seconds.

Another Enduro Race event will be held on Sunday 17th February 2019 starting at 10.00am. The location will be announced when the necessary permits from the authorities are issued.

On Sunday 27th January 2019, ASMK is to continue with its motorsport events by organizing the fourth event from the National Autocross Championship 2018/2019 sponsored by Pasta Poiatti. This event will take place at the ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali and starts at 10 am.

In the Modified Class, Terence Azzopardi on his Opel Corsa is leading for the first time with 69 points followed by Melo Zammit on his Opel Corsa with 61 points. Joseph Micallef on Opel Corsa is placed 3rd overall with 59 points followed by Ryan Scicluna on a Ford Fiesta with 58 points.

In the Standard Class, Melvin Buttigieg is on the top of the chart with his red Citroen AX with 18 points so far. Kyle Agius on his Opel Nova is in the 2nd place with 12 points, followed by Johann Vella from Gozo on Opel Nova with 11 points and Jeremy Peplow on his Kia Avella together with Quinn Camilleri on a Citroen Saxo both having 9 points.

For further information, log on or Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karrozzi. One can make contact by email on and mobile on 9942 5489.

Photos by Mario Micallef

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