Bernard Galea (SW Motorsports Honda Civic) seeks 3rd podium in 5th Round at Silverstone International circuit

Saturday, August 23, 2014, 23:26

This weekend, 22-year-old Bernard Galea is looking forward to the 5th round of the Civic Cup at the famous British Silverstone International racing circuit, where he hopes to gain his third podium finish this season – his very first in touring car circuit racing.

The Civic Cup sponsored by Tegiwa is considered as the fastest growing budget racing event in Europe, where the skill of the driver – not the cheque book – makes all the difference between winning or just participating. The races at Silverstone on Sunday will be televised and filmed.

When Bernard was awarded the Hard Charger Award in his very first circuit race at Donington circuit at the end of March, it was not just a coincidence. It was significant that the British promoters of this popular one-make series recognized the talent of the young Maltese driver.

It did not take long for Bernard to demonstrate his racing skill even though he had never been to a racing drivers’ school. This shows that Bernard has a natural disposition to circuit racing. Imagine if Malta had its own racing circuit how early his talent could have been discovered.

Bernard’s first podium finish came in the 3rd round at Castle Combe circuit in May when he finished 3rd after starting from the second position in the first row of the starting grid. That result gave Bernard’s confidence the appropriate boost. He gained an excellent top-5 finish in the second race of that same round.

In the 4th round at the scenic Anglesey Coastal circuit in Wales, Bernard Galea did even better when he won the race after starting from pole position. This is setting a very high standard for other Maltese drivers who are testing themselves in foreign events, including himself.

Bernard is racing SW Motorsports’ Honda Civic, which happens to be the oldest model in the whole group. Yet he is succeeding to get the best out of the car, and he is hoping that the 5th round at Silverstone will be third time lucky for him. This is not going to be easy, however, as there are a number of experienced British drivers with equally powerful Honda’s, if not even quicker.

Having tasted the sweet feeling of success, Bernard is determined to do his best. There are very few sport disciplines in which Maltese athletes or sportsmen or sportswomen succeed to climb on the highest step of the podium in foreign events.

Bernard has succeeded to put motor sports in that category, and his challenge now is to maintain such a high standard. It is highly satisfying to see a Maltese driver lead a race from start to finish. This does not happen very often in other sports disciplines. Bernard is taking the sport very seriously. He is doing his best to learn every different British circuit, and to do some testing. He is also seeking some expert advice from a couple of instructors.

In an effort to do the best he can, at great personal sacrifice, Bernard has temporarily moved to the United Kingdom to realize his dream. All motor sport followers in Malta wish Bernard the success that he deserves. If there are any Maltese entrepreneurs who wish to promote their products or services in the UK on a front running Honda Civic, they may contact Bernard or leave a message on the Malta & Auto Racing page on Facebook.


Bernard Galea receiving the Hard Charger Award at Donington circuit – his very first Civic Cup race (courtesy of Stew Noble, Vimeo and

Bernard Galea (SW Motorsports Honda Civic) leading the race at Anglesey Coastal circuit in Wales from start to finish! (photo by Steve Jones)

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