Bernard Galea and Rodren Vella racing at Silverstone International Circuit

Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 12:43

Gavin Muscat

This weekend, Bernard Galea and Rodren Vella will be racing at the home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is at the Silverstone International Circuit. Very few Maltese drivers have raced at this popular racing circuit. Bernard Galea is one of them.

A year ago Bernard raced in the Civic Cup series, and he placed a good 6th in the first race, and went to place a better 4th in the second race when the finishing order of the first race was reversed.

He started the first race from the 4th row as he qualified in 7th place with a best lap of 1 minute 20.620 seconds. In the second race, Bernard started from the second row in the third place. He succeeded to register a better lap of 1 minute 19.78 seconds in the first race, but he did not manage to go any faster in the second race even though he placed in a better position.

For Rodren Vella this is going to be a new experience and he is looking forward to follow his excellent first position achieved at the Anglesey Coastal Circuit in Wales last month.

Bernard Galea (number 91) on the front row of the starting grid in the first race at Anglesey Coastal Circuit last month

But it is not going to be easy for Bernard and Rodren, who will be displaying the Maltese colours and the logo “ for the first time at this interesting racing circuit. Unlike the Anglesey Coastal Circuit in Wales, the faster and stronger cars and drivers have a better opportunity to express themselves at Silverstone.

The Silverstone International Circuit is the southern loop of the famous Grand Prix track, which includes the Hangar Straight. The 1.851 mile long International Circuit includes Stowe, Vale, Club Corner, the International Pit Straight, Abbey, Farm Curve, Village, The Link and Becketts – a total of 8 corners and two straights.

So faster Civic racing cars have a slight advantage. But both Bernard and Rodren are hoping of doing well following their excellent results in Wales.

Rodren now has the necessary confidence that he knows that he may be competitive enough to win a race if everything falls into place.

Bernard on the other hand is looking for the third podium finish of the 2015 season. A month ago he was robbed of an excellent second place in Wales when he was slapped with a 10-second penalty for moving at the start. He hopes that his car will be equipped with a hand-brake so that this will not happen again.

For Silverstone, Bernard is using a new set of Performance Brake Solutions. If he succeeds to brake a fraction of a second late every corner in each lap, he might gain one or two positions in each of the two races. The Performance Brake Solutions brake pads also give Bernard more confidence during braking, thereby improving his performance.

All the Maltese motor sport followers wish Bernard and Rodren the best of luck and success at Silverstone, where they hope to get a good result and maintain or improve their standing in the 2015 UK Civic Cup Championship.

The Silverstone International Circuit

Rodren Vella (number 89) on his way to victory in the second race at Anglesey Coastal Circuit last month

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