Beneficial test for Malta ahead of next week’s double header

Friday, June 24, 2011, 21:14

By Sandro Micallef

The scheduled friendly matches against the Hungarian players and the “rest of the World” selection consisting of foreign players who are currently playing in Malta turned out to be a healthy test for the National Waterpolo team coached by Sergio Afric.

During the first two sessions the Hungarian selection ended the second session with a marginal 6-5 win. Malta’s set of first seven players were Alan Borg Cole, Paul Privitera, Nicki Lanzon, Karl, Galea, Stevie Camilleri, John Soler and Michele Stellini. This line up will be most probably very similar to the first seven selection of Afric next Tuesday when Malta plays home to Turkey.

In the first two sessions Karl Galea scored a hat trick whilst the other goals were scored by Jerome Gabaretta and John Soler from the five meter mark.

After this mini match His Excellency the Ambassador for Hungary Mr. Jalosh Balla presented a commemorative medal to all the participating players and a memento to the ASA President Mr. Joe Caruana Curran.

It was time now for another set of two sessions in which Afric and Izzo’s squad had to face a tougher  opposition led by Neptunes’ coach Sergei Markoc. Malta lost the latter part of the game with a 9-4 score line. The goals by the Maltese were converted by Karl Galea, Michele Stellini, Jerome Gabaretta and Stevie Camilleri.

The Malta players will be training together over the weekend and also on Monday in preparation ahead of the game against Turkey with swim up scheduled at 6.30pm. Malta will then travel to Poland for the second internatioanl game in less than four days. The game against Poland will be played on Friday. Malta had lost to Turkey away by a 5 goal difference and on the other hand a win was registered against Poland when playing home. Stevie Camilleri was not part of the squad in these two matches so expections this time round are higher, especially for the Turkey match.

Referees: Peter Balzan and Massimo Angilleri

Malta: Alan Borg Cole, Niki Lanzon, Jerome Gabaretta, Paul Privitera, Timmy Sullivan, John Soler, Stevie Camilleri, Jordan Camilleri, Clint Debono, Karl Galea, Andrea Bianchi, Michele Stellini, Ryan Coleiro

Hungarian selection: V.Bendes, Z.Tadocz, M.Major, B.Nyeki, T Rebeci, R. Kovacs, A.Decker, R.Fodor, M.Vincze, R.Sciortino, T.Molnar, Tgyurovatk

Foreigners selection: R.Coleiro, A.Decker, R.Kovacs, Mil.Koralji, F.Trajkovic, B.Nyeki, M.Cuk, V.Gojkovic, R.Fodor, A.Cousin, B.Rath, T.Molnar, Mih. Koralji.

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