Balzan Nursery work with AC Milan ex player Andrea Icardi

Friday, April 20, 2012, 0:02

Former AC Milan player and currently Head Coach of the AC Milan Academy in Sydney, Andrea Icardi, conducted the 2nd trial session for 24 boys at the Balzan Youths FC training facilities. Icardi spent 3 days in Malta after leading 3 AC Milan teams from Sydney in Easter International Tments in Italy. For these tments, 15 year old Maltese player, Sean Cipriott, and Balzan Youths Head Coach Silvan Ciscaldi were part of the contingent.


Sean Cipriott played for the AC Milan Academy 1996 team in 3 friendly games and 5 tment matches. Sean had the opportunity to play against Napoli, Siena, Verona and Zenit St Petersburg amongst others. It was a great experience for him to play at such a high level. Sean did well and Andrea Icardi had words of praise for this young Maltese player.

Silvan Ciscaldi was part of the coaching staff of the AC Milan Academy. He worked alongside a number of AC Milan coaches including Icardi. Silvan was working closely with the 2000 team from Sydney. It was a unique experience for him to see and play against sides such as Juventus, Inter, Lazio, Udinese and Fiorentina.

These connections between Balzan Youths Nursery and AC Milan Academy Sydney could only be possible due to the continuous support of IML Director Anton Tagliaferro who is willing to keep strenghtening the Balzan Nursery coaching staff by engaging a Professional overseas coach to assist at Balzan and to prepare promising players to go on trials in Italy

Meanwhile during the session held on Sunday 15th April at the Balzan Youths facilities, Icardi carried out a technique session from which he could identify the ability of the players present. He was  satisfied with the level of the boys and some in particular really impressed. Out of these 24 boys 1 or 2 will be chosen for a trial in Italy with a Serie B club in December.

Andrea said “  The enthusiasm for football  is great to see in Malta. Many boys that came look very promising although it is clear that the level of technique needs to be improved -  I believe that if Balzan engage the right professional coaches for the nursery this can be achieved. I am helping Balzan to look for the right professional youth  coach through my connections in Italy for next season.  I am looking forward to continue to work with Balzan ,Silvan and Anton in developing young players”

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