Ballun Pinġut launched by the National Council for Maltese Language and GHĠS

Sunday, June 10, 2012, 13:12

The National Council for the Maltese Language, in collaboration with the Malta Sports Journalists Association, yesterday launched the book Ballun Pinġut by Keith Attard. Sports journalists were invited to the launch held in the hotel Le Méridien, St Julians.

Ballun Pinġut is a collection of 930 expressions related to football. The expressions, listed in alphabetical order, were collected from young speakers of Maltese who play the game and follow it with passion.

The main aim of the collection is to help journalists and sport commentators find the best expression to describe the action on the football field. The listed expressions were seen and confirmed by a group of experts including a referee, a player, a coach, a football committee member, a fan and a sports journalist. The group’s task was to give an indication of the extent to which the expressions are actually used by people involved in some way in football.

Moreover, since the book is meant to be used by journalists, the Malta Sports Journalists Association, on a request by the National Council for the Maltese Language, chose a representative to form part of the editorial board whose members went through the collection of expressions and removed any offensive expressions that journalists might feel are not suitable for use in the media.

In his presentation during the launch, the author said, ‘This is my first book, and I did not realise that I would obtain so much help. I have always loved both football and the Maltese language and I can safely say that this work is a labour of love because I have brought together two subjects I have a passion for. My aim is to be of service to sports journalists who, up to now, have not had a collection of Maltese expressions used during broadcasts of football matches. I am convinced that, in time, we will hear of more expressions that both respect the Maltese idiom and are meaningful to Maltese speakers.’

The book is a Maltese Council publication, and can be downloaded from the Council’s website Those who would like to add expressions that do not appear in this edition can add them to the Facebook page Ballun Pinġut or pass them on to the Maltese Council on the following email address:


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